University of California Washington Center Program


Washington Center.jpgA Home Away from Home

The University of California Washington Center Program is designed to provide University of California undergraduate students and graduate students the opportunity to live and work in [wikipedia]Washington, D.C. for one quarter though students can participate in multiple quarters.

Each UC campus has a UCDC program office and at least one coordinator/director who is responsible for recruiting students to participate in the program. There is an academic quarter program and a summer program.

The academic quarter program consists of:

The summer program consists of:

Competition for space in the program depends on the number of qualified applicants in a given quarter but the summer session is usually pretty competitive since each school can only send around 30 students each. During the academic year, schools can send up to 45 students.

Application materials:

Be aware that acceptance into this program does not mean automatic assignment to an internship. With the help of the campus program coordinator(s), students research, apply and interview for the internships on their own. There have been quarters where students were unable to find an internship before arriving in Washington, DC though I was told that it is not that bad since finding an internship can be somewhat easier once a student is in DC because that allows a student to interview in person whereas most students have to interview by phone due to distance constraints.

Every quarter, ucdc kids get all excited and start a celebratory facebook group. Take a look:

2005-2006: [WWW]Spring, [WWW]Winter, [WWW]Fall, [WWW]Summer

2004-2005: [ Spring], [WWW]Winter, [WWW]Fall, [ Summer]

There is a similar program for the state capitol, UCCS.


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2006-05-07 12:32:08   the ucdc program was probably one of the greatest times of my four years in college. the program is great and well run. the building and facilities are beautiful. there are just a few things to remember before committing yourself to it. the most important decision you make in the program isnt what your internship is, but rather who your roommates are. after a few weeks of working for someone for free, even someone cool like npr, you will begin to hate your job - its just the way it is. rarely do people last all quarter with the same love and enthusiasm for their internship that they started with. therefore, when you go home every day to your appt, make sure that the people you are coming home to are the kind of people you get along with. i made the right choice with my roommates and they were the best part of the whole quarter. oh, and dont even consider going on the program unless your 21. —AdamGerber

2006-05-07 13:00:46   Why 21? —JosephBleckman

2006-05-14 22:49:27   I totally agree with everything Adam said. DC was the best experience I had at Davis. I am glad I was over 21 when I went. —JenniferChu

2008-07-25 10:35:20   Yeah, I have to agree with everyone. This was without a doubt the best quarter of my undergraduate career. Washington is an amazing city and I had a great time exploring it. The possibilities for networking are endless and almost anything that you do there looks great on a resume. Plus, the staff was really responsive and always willing to help me out no matter what. Sara Lombardo is the Davis representative in DC and I am firm in my belief that she is eligible for sainthood for everything that she does for us. Plus, the neighborhood, Dupont Circle, is the hippest part of DC. If you are even remotely considering going, I suggest that you do it. It's an eye opening experience. —SMCareBare

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