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Please include debunking or confirming information on subpages. Note: Many of these listed are debunkable with a little research, don't believe everything you hear!


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Should Debunked and Truth be together? Personally, I think they should be spread throughout the rest of the Urban Legends, marked T Tb U Fb F Ft or P, a la alt.folklore.urban standards. I collect books of urban legends and have a fairly good library, and every one has the true, false and unknown mixed together, organized by subject rather than veracity.JabberWokky

I like the idea of a mixed list with the truth hidden with a scratch-off where known. The following are a sample of what I'm talking about

Cow Tipping

Did a former ASUCD senator get expelled for cow tipping?

Debunked. See Cow Tipping
Recycling Firsts

Davis was the first city with curbside recycling.

Not true! Davis started curbside recycling in 1974, while Madison, Wisconsin had already started in 1967.

It is sort of a title, teaser, truth model. Alternatively the title could be a heading such as === Cow Tipping === to allow for a table of contents. Add some text at the top of page explaining that selecting the text in the black boxes will reveal the status of the legend. — JasonAller

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