Aarolye is a middle name for me, because AMY LEE is just too much of a common name to make a screen name of! Anyways, I've lived in California for about 7 years, hanging out in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. Before that I used to live in Chicago and in Barrington, Illinois (where the rich kids do drugs because they have nothing else to do with their money). Anywho, I miss the snow sometimes.

Well, since I've moved so many times my whole life, even now, I haven't been able to settle down on a main focus in my life. I've played instruments varying from violin, piano, saxaphone and such. I was bored so I learned some French, Spanish, Sign Language, and Japanese.

My pet peeves are Chinese people and annoying people who don't have common sense.


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2008-04-03 10:42:22   Actually, the reason that sockpuppetry is being suspected is pretty obvious. You and MooMoo are sharing the same Comcast IP address which appears to be a home address. One is a real name and one isn't. You should see what some other people (including some business owners) try to get away with! :) Don't worry about it; you both just popped up at the same time and it certainly looked odd. Next winter I'll send you snow if you send me sunshine (actually, I'll probably get some snow in the next couple weeks). —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

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