Adam Ghazi-Tehrani is a Page 2 columnist for the California Aggie. His articles appear every Friday. He began writing for the California Aggie Fall 2006 and is presumed to finish writing when he graduates Spring 2006. His articles are roughly 33% Politics, 33% Culture, and 33% Sex. That remaining 1% is just shit.

Adam is a fourth-year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy.

He hails from Northern California.
He can be found frequenting Sophia's, Sushi Nobu, and random jacuzzis in and around the Davis area.
He has a Facebook profile.

He wrote this personal page himself for fear one would never be created otherwise.
He hopes someone will update it and make it better.

I'm a big fan of your column, it's pretty much the only one I ever read. Well, that's because it's the only one worth reading that's for damn sure. -Kirsten O'Nell

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