Adam is an awesome guy. Too bad he left Davis in 07.

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2005-01-30 10:07:57   Adam! I added the Menu to the Crepe Cart in the Silo :) I'm so proud. even though it was "technically" only an edit, i basically wrote the whole thing! :) yay! :) —JulieLujano

2005-04-06 21:48:25   Secret secrecy, but not shady —AlexGarbutt

2005-04-25 14:44:28   LOLFR!!! /me smiles cheesily... so what's the secret??...c'mon...I won't tell!!! —JulieLujano

2005-04-25 14:46:34   ahhh! it added two!!! oopsie!!! :) hehefr —JulieLujano

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