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2009-07-04 18:26:49   A belated Welcome to the Wiki. —JasonAller

2010-10-28 19:40:00   Are you sure that everyone in the group will see it as a jokompliment? And even if they do, are you sure that others who might agree with the political views expressed will see it as a jokompliment? Is it worth possibly offending people, remembering that this is on the front page of the wiki and not just an internal joke among friends? P.S. Also, there is no need to yell at me. We should be able to disagree amicably. —CovertProfessor

• I yelled? Maybe in digital terms, but no yelling, BOLD was EMPHASIS, not yell. Personally I'd love to see a freaky wiki. Melting bananas, lava lamps, artificial fog, that sort of thing. Point was to get people's attention, since the original Feature Page that had the guide only was removed. Apparently there are good reasons for this for IRS purposes that were not obvious in Wiki rules and which weren't communicated to me until later. I mostly had issue with your removal reason being a 'personal attack'. That implies an individual, whereas this was nebulously applied to a group on unnamed people, most of whom I doubt would take offense at the term, but possibly. Then again that's nothing like a personal attack on a individual, which I would agree was inappropriate. The change made was suggested by a fellow organizer; we agreed it kept the freak in, but blunted the likelihood of misinterpretation. —acm

More lyrics: [WWW]

2010-10-29 09:28:16   Thank you — I think it is a little more obvious now that the term is meant in a positive way. —CovertProfessor

2010-12-02 11:03:59   Thanks for all the info on the railroad fence. Since you're clearly very well informed on the issue, would you be willing to do a quick writeup on exactly what the proposal is on the Olive Drive Railroad Fence page? —TomGarberson

2011-01-06 03:32:54   I wasn't clear about going "south"; did you mean east? "Olive Drive Railroad Fence": "There is also no rational way to go from the Borders side of the intersection onto 1st Street going south into downtown on a bicycle except to stop in the middle of the crosswalk going north and back ones bike into the traffic lane half way across and wait for the light, a very odd but semi-functional path." —BruceHansen

2011-01-14 17:16:39   How would it be to put your name in the list on People? This page or a page of the type Joe Krovoza or maybe both could be listed. After your name could be a brief description, note or comment, say "Resident of east Davis". —BruceHansen

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