Sup. I graduated from UCD in 2008 with a double major in Physics and Mathematics. Now I'm a graduate student in Physics at UCSB. One day when I have free time I hope to take up maintenance of the Santa Barbara wiki on wikispot. I'm also one of the people that maintains the server atop which this site runs.


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"Amit smells!! :P" - NatalieKitchiner

Is there any way you could get pictures of the *inside* of the Crocker Lab for the Wiki? I want to see that cyclotron! - MattJurach

Most of the interesting parts are embedded in concrete, but I'll see what I can do. :) - AV

2006-04-14 13:59:47   Thanks for fixing the capitalization on my cat's page. I'm a noob. :) —TiffanySnell

2006-04-14 14:00:05   Apparent by my comment... —TiffanySnell

2006-05-18 15:38:15   The server setup on System Info is out of date. —ArlenAbraham

2006-08-21 18:34:19   you are suck. —JessicaYang

2006-10-21 08:25:10   Purely in the interests of keeping people informed (and for historical reasons down the road), it might be a good idea to do a one paragraph update somewhere (System Info?) on the why and where (SR -> SF) of the server move. —JabberWokky

2006-10-22 05:59:32   JW: I'm too tired to really do this justice, but here's a semi-coherent rambling summary of what, why, and where: Cernio is a co-op, which means its interests are directly aligned with those of its member/customers. We've been ecstatically happy with the customer service at, but we found that we would get better pricing, network connectivity, logistical arrangements, and pricing if we moved from the half-cab in SR to a full cabinet at the 200 Paul datacenter in San Francisco. This was no small undertaking, and has been in the works since mid-2006. (We finally reached an agreement with the new vendor and started moving equipment in early October '06.)

We've already seen a 50% reduction in costs, and will likely see even greater efficiency gains in the next 90 days. I've been subsidizing the costs of colocating Davis Wiki, and now the actual expenses are closer to (but still a little higher than) the $50/mo that DWiki pays. Since Davis Wiki gets member pricing (thanks to Philiip), when Cernio's costs on Davis Wiki's colocation drops below $50/mo Davis Wiki will end up paying that lesser amount.

The server that handles Davis Wiki was one of the last to move, and Amit and I worked within our limited resources to ensure that the negative impact of the move was minimal. For example, even though we changed DNS records (and had already set a low TTL), we implemented an HTTP proxy from the old IP to the new one to ensure that users of low-quality yet popular ISPs like Comcast and ATT/SBC/Yahoo could still see the site before their DNS caches finally expire. However, we didn't have a good way to ensure that the site contents stayed up while the server was in the back of Amit's Volvo during the drive from SR to SF. We would have preferred to mirror the site (even read-only) at the new location to smooth this transition, but we found that doing so was going to take at least 4 hours longer than expected. We have ideas on how to implement that for future events - Amit can explain further.

All in all, it was an important and worthwhile transition, and overall it went very well. As usual, Amit and Philip were great to work with - thanks, guys! —GrahamFreeman

2007-03-01 22:49:34   I met you once a long time ago. We established we are both goons. You probably established that I am an annoying drunk, but I did not figure that out until a couple months ago. —BradBenedict

2007-03-24 03:45:19   you should update this page. —JessicaYang

2007-05-22 15:45:01   default focus to search bar? —MichaelAWoods

2007-05-29 14:51:41   How do I add my name to the index? —PeterFuszard

2007-07-17 21:42:01   Hi, Amit! How do I add my name to the "People" list? My user name is RichLindvall. Thanks for your help! Rich —RichLindvall

2009-03-18 14:06:45   [WWW]This and [WWW]this are starting to worry me a bit. (cc: Amit and Philip) —JabberWokky

2009-08-26 12:34:23   omg, [WWW]it's a cyborg cat sent from the future! —EdWins

2010-06-17 00:12:14   Are you seriously in SB? I'm in Ventura. We really should do something about the wikis in these parts. —BrentLaabs

2012-01-12 13:14:33   Hello Amit, do you help run Wiki since I have a question about the site? —MichaelMikey

2012-01-12 13:25:19   Hello Amit, do you help run Wiki since I have a question about the site? —MichaelMikey

2012-01-12 14:08:28   Hello Amit, do you help run Wiki since I have a question about the site? —MichaelMikey

2012-12-10 12:16:36   In the People/user Index, can a business list, or is there another index for that? —SarahBray

2014-08-13 09:30:15   Hey Amit, I would like to create a group but my email is already associated with my personal wiki page. Can I change my personal page to the group page? I don't need a personal wiki page as I have more than enough social media pages. Let me know if I can do this. I am trying to set up a page for Davis residents who like to skin and scuba dive so we can exchange info and share rides to the coast. Thanks, Pete —PeterFuszard

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