About Me

Hello, I'm Andrew. I'm a UCD undergrad in my third year, double majoring in Political Science-Public Service and Economics. I've been in an intern in the state legislature and Congress. I currently work for the California Energy Commission in Sacramento. I'm a total politics junky and policy wonk.

I'm from SoCal originally, but I love it here in Davis. SOOOOO glad I picked it over Berkeley, though the Regent's Schoalrship that UCD offered me also made the decision quite easy. Being close to Sacramento—but in a quaint, bikeable small town is great.

Other miscellaneous things about me:

I enjoy messing with people's perceptions:

Oh, and one other thing: I'm single and quite eager to change that. Meeting gay guys who are "my type" here in Davis has proven to be quite the challenge. Any advice or interest on how to fix that is quite appreciated ;)

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