In the Beginning ...

He was born and he lives. Men and women speculate that he was born in Houston Texas, but some claim he was born in former Czechoslovakia and forged his birth certificate so that he could run for president.

The Plot Thickens!

He went to [dentonwiki]North Texas. He also plays the cello.

... and Today

He has a B.S. degree in mathematics. He started [dentonwiki]DentonWiki. I also heard a rumor that he's going to live in Africa!

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2010-09-14 18:48:13   Good luck with DentonWiki. You've guys got quite a bit of content already.... definitely off to a good start! What kinds of plans are you making for community outreach? —WilliamLewis

2010-09-24 08:15:22   Somehow missed this comment for ten days. Anyways, my super-long community outreach comment:

The beginning was mostly net-based. First, before even starting the wiki, I ran a campaign on Facebook. That way about a hundred people were actively aware and liked the idea before they even saw a site. Then I made the site all green and shiny, and got Ritch and Nova's help adding some content, before announcing the site to those people who had joined the Facebook group. Additional campaigning has taken place on Facebook and LiveJournal. Ritch made two funny YouTube videos about DentonWiki (a tutorial and a general "statement of purpose"), which were broadcast through those media.

We began doing some real-life outreach concurrently. So far we've done flyering on both [dentonwiki]The Square and the [dentonwiki]UNT campus and held a "DentonWiki Day" on the square where some people who hadn't been involved before got to walk around with the group, take photos of locations, and brainstorm.

I've got a few other people on board I do know (Ritch, Nova, Erin, Michael) and already a couple active editors who have contacted me since that I didn't (Alex, Josh).

So, future ideas: I plans to organize and give a few quick talks at meeting of UNT-based groups to show off the site, explain the purpose, and give a basic demonstration of how to edit articles (on campus I have contacts, and the meeting rooms have projectors). We also plan to hold a larger "DentonWiki Day" and an editing party. Eventually, we'd like a group that gets together regularly to have meetings where they discuss and edit the wiki together. Also planning to keep up and possibly expand net-based outreach.

Concerns: These strategies mostly contact college students, who though are in general more tech savvy are also just one part of the Denton community. Note the already complete documentation of the bars versus the near absence of articles on other important subjects. Also, I'm already not in Denton most of the time and am leaving the continent at the beginning of next year, so I'll have to hand all this over to other people.

So ... yeah. Any helpful suggestions or criticisms? —AndrewBroz

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