Ariana Brill is a fourth-year JD/MBA student at UC Davis. This year she is hanging out at both King Hall and the Graduate School of Management. She is very happy to be living at J Street Co-op.

Ariana is from [wikipedia]Santa Barbara. Before arriving in Davis, Ariana attended Vassar College for her undergraduate degree, where she lived in [WWW]Ferry House. Ariana is vegan, though she occasionally eats fish. She is very passionate about television, which she views as a uniquely character-oriented art-form. Her favorite show is [wikipedia]Six Feet Under. Ariana is especially passionate about children's television.

Ariana's friend Emy and she joked about someone making a page for a user of the wiki without consent of the person the page is about. Threats were made, and this is the result.


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2010-07-30 11:43:23   Congrats on (I'm guessing) finishing the bar! —TomGarberson

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