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4th year civil engineering student. Works as a spoiled engineering intern for Summers Engineering, Inc. during school breaks. Finals make her brain tired and grumpy. Ashley Update: Isn't it supposed to be spring?

Sits most nights at desk doing pages of endless engineering homework and daydreams of snowboarding in fresh powder........... sigh

Is excited to go home again and visit the good ol' 559. Wants to visit Death Valley for spring break but all her friends are wimps.

Ashley thinks these are the most shadiest things about Davis:

  1. The massive amounts of people wearing Ugg's

  2. all the EPA Superfund Sites around Davis

  3. Castilian Hall dorms

  4. Richards Underpass

  5. Classes where the professor deliberatly tries to fail people

  6. Davis Police Department

  7. Athletes getting better pass times than the rest of us. Come on they already get paid to attend as it is

  8. Sword and Sandals

  9. a vast portion of ASUCD

  10. TAPS


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I haven't suppressed your comments today. I've just disagreed with you. And to disprove a charge of libel, Saul would have to prove that he is not an 'fucktard'. Since I don't believe the word is defined in any dictionary, he'd have a difficult task. Delete this comment when you finish reading it, if you want.BrentLaabs

I'm probably more disagreeable today due to finals. By the way, I liked your list. I don't feel it's a community list, but if it's labelled that's fine. My roommate works for TAPS and I told him about it. He said they hate people as much as people hate them. :)BrentLaabs

Brent, you use my name like you know who I am. Ashley, you seem pretty spiffy. —SS

I like the word spiffy, yes you do seem spiffy, especially since we both find the DPD shady and Swords and SandalsJimSchwab

I actually meant to link it directly to the list on your page, but I don't think that anchors work across pages. I'm not calling you shady or anything. :)BrentLaabs

Since you appear to live in greystone, I feel as though I should ask you a question which I have asked on the wiki before but recieved no definitive answer to. If, hypothetically of course, someone were to walk in off the street into greystone during that saturday breakfast thing, would this person be able to feast upon the food there? Is there any sort of checkpoint or something? Remember, this is all hypothetically speaking of course. - GeorgeLewis

How did you manage to join on 2004-12-066 19:50:29? Check User Statistics to see this.JasonAller

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