bpc1.jpgBluff, New Zealand on New Years Day 2007 (South end of South island)

Name: (See Name from Title)

Personality: Mischievous !

Home: Colorado Springs, CO

Favorite Hobbies: Bicycling, Computers - Linux, Mac's, being a UNIX Sys Admin

Credentials: 2002 - Masters Degree in Computer Science from U. of Colorado; 1989 - Bachelor of Science from University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana

Connections to Davis: Visited while on vacation to California for the first time in June 2004 and ever since have come back usually around the May/June time frame. Crepeville is usually one of my favorite places to eat at especially for breakfast. I also visit the Davis Anime Club on both nights as well. I also visit [WWW]Santa Cruz and see friends in the nearby town of [wikipedia]Aptos. While in the area, I usually stay at the [WWW]Sacramento YHA which is a pretty nice place in downtown Sacramento.

While I am in Davis, I usually like to do some bicycling around especially around the UC Davis area but also explore the various bike paths in town.

Kind of interesting item, I have been on the Wiki since beginning of 2005 and now as of this edit, it it March 2013 ! Since 2004, I have been coming to Davis every year and includes going to Santa Cruz as well. Have a few friends there. It is amazing that this Wiki has been here for almost 10 years ! I hope I can keep on planning to come to Davis once per year usually in the Spring. I need to try to come to Davis like in other parts of the year !

Some of my favorite places are Crepeville and foreign food places and some bars that are outdoors as well.

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