Hi, I'm Brent Laabs. I've worked tirelessly for the students for the past two years, and I hope to continue to fight for you on the ASUCD Fake Senate. And remember to vote SQUELCH!



Restore the Campus Cinema to a full Unit

For Art Films, big-budget premieres, and more

Restart the Student Forums Unit

For Student Debates, Famous Guest Speakers, and more

Rename Kleiber Hall to Keebler Hall

Get corporate sponsorship, paint a giant elf on the side, free cookies for everyone!

Replace all street lamps with telescreens

More safety, because telescreens also watch you

Restart the ASUCD Public Relations Office

Do you really know what ASUCD does? Most people don't.

Allow catch-and-release squirrel fishing on campus

Exercising your rights from the California Constitution

Increase Environmental Buildings on Campus

Advocating for LEED Platinum buildings on campus

Put the ICBM back in the Silo

Defending UC Davis against Stanford

Provide Digital Versions of Classical Notes

Online lecture notes archive will be easily downloadable

Get authority over the Campus Unions Admin Advisory Committee

Why has the UCD Administration given ASUCD less authority over this committee, which controls actual student uses like the ARC and MU, than other committees?

Make Epic Quad Battle an ASUCD Unit

Wouldn't trebuchets make it a little more epic?

More Sex in the Gender and Sexuality Commission Meetings

How can you talk about sex without experience?

Bring open government to Club Finance Council

There's no good reason to allocate money in closed session

Be fiscally responsible

Revisit all of our grants budget, and actually evaluate the effectiveness of each program.


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