Name: Carlos Barahona

Field: Computer Science / Survey Design

Office: Wickson Hall Department of Environmental Science and Policy

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2007-07-21 19:59:49   Hey, Carlos. I appreciate your concern on the "GVCC Talk" page about people using someone else's IP address. I personally know Clifton Burton and Dale Sorbello. I also used to go to GVCC. And I am using my own IP address. :-) BTW, I studied linguistics at the University of Texas, Arlington. Worked with the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Colombia and Papua New Guinea. —RichLindvall

2010-01-26 15:09:03   I created a new section for 'Former Chairs'... if you know how long or at least when he retired, can you add a bit of information to that section? —JabberWokky

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