Stronger support of Police Oversight for Davis


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I'm curious to know if CaroleDavis is your name, or if it is CAROLE Davis? — JasonAller

There can be a great deal of sensitivity toward pseudonymity and anonymity when there are issues like the current discussion of Police oversight. It sets up the question of motive and leads to questions like:

You are obviously passionate about both the Halema Buzayan case and CAROLE. I know that I won't ever know the truth about what happened, I accept that as a function of the rules that are in place. As such I'm curious about those who feel that they know the truth about this case. —JasonAller

No one that I know, knows who sent the flyer, I imagine there are people who fear for their jobs and safety, but that is a guess.

I do want to address the Buzayan case. I think you will know the truth about what happened in the Buzayan case because it's all on tape. That's perhaps the most baffling part of this case—it is fairly black and white as these things go. A couple of the big red flags on this case are the fact that the "victim" in this had no idea the DA was pursuing a criminal case and when she found out, she wanted no part of it. The second red flag is the actual evidence, it just doesn't match up. It was bumper to bumper damage and yet a highlander is not on the same level, as the car it supposedly struck. Moreover, there was a mere single-line scratch on the highlander but a multiple-line dent on the car. Just doesn't match up. And then from there the case gets really ugly, a lot of the stuff that will be in the civil case has not even surfaced. Very serious violations of basic rights—attorney and miranda—that are baffling in the case of minor vehicle accident resulting in less than $1,000 of damage.

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