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Charlotte thinks that by far, the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is Michelangelo. "Cowabunga dude!"

Charlotte has the great privilege of being the wife / mother of a child with the hot piece of ass that is BradBenedict AND the owner of the cutest dog ever

Yes, her last name is pronounced exactly like "Whore". Yes, she has a sense of humor about it. Since she's such a slob, Brad has taken to calling her a dirty Hoar.

She can often no longer be seen driving around in her yellow Mustang saying "I have a yellow car!" over her car's PA system, because somebody stole the PA thingy, probably assuming it was some type of stereo equipment. Jerks.


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2007-03-01 22:53:09   I bone Charlotte harrrrrrrrd. —BradBenedict

2007-03-02 13:23:14   you guys are so funny! —JoeRunnels

2007-08-09 10:42:19   I might stop calling you Tahj Mowry during sex, but I won't stop pretending you are him! WWJD? —BradBenedict

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