Owner of Berry, the dog who was [WWW]lost and found.


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I'm glad your dog was found! -ES

Congratulations on finding the lost pup!jw

"are you related to the person who gave me the information? also, is this my page??"—chingching

2007-12-16 00:02:52   Howdy! In response to your question on the entry about Elizabeth's Pet Sitting, the wiki has a list of local people and companies who do Pet Sitting. —JabberWokky

I amn sorry for not returning your call anytime you may have tried ,but did not mean anything by it. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with calls that I don't get to return calls always on time. I am also a full time student. The best way to reach me I tell most people is to call and email because I answer my email almost immediately. Good luck and email me next time for a prompt response. I am sure you would be very happy with my services once you have tried them

2007-12-16 21:33:12   Did you (JasonAller) create the page for me?? Are you part of the wiki team? I once screwed up and deleted a page on wiki, and i asked for help, and someone put it back up right away. since then i have been wondering who is doing all that maintenance work... —ChingChing

2008-02-24 17:29:57   Just like any community, there are some people who are heavily involved and some who just do minor work. I tend to try to read through all of the changes and keep an eye on every change... I'm not always able to keep up lately, but I do my best. There are enough other people who do the same thing that we all kind of overlap. You'll notice the same couple dozen names tend to do the minor "gardening" and wiki care stuff, which is generally referred to as "gnoming". We're all just volunteers the same as you. —JabberWokky

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