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Chris Kadi used to live with ArlenAbraham and Brian Hickman in the Alphabet House and work at the Botanical Conservatory with Ernesto Sandoval.

He lived in Davis until Sept. '08, then he moved to Midtown Sacramento. He works in West Sacramento as a geologist for an environmental company. His last abode was a house on Cork St. near Slide Hill Park with Cassie and Luna, as well as a member of The Naders.

Chris thinks there are a lot of self-righteous blowhards around. Why can't people just think about what they are doing, instead of pushing themselves onto others?


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If I can get on protected networks it will save the info in a nvram of sorts, I still use it I just haven't been around wireless lately. It uses my skype in / out so it's still cheap. Reception quality is decent. Only kicker is the standby life has been dismal. Sorry for not going into detail I'm just kind of rushed. —StevenDaubert

What up with you Boss? —StevenDaubert

2008-08-24 20:07:00   INTER NET —GeoffJohnson

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