ChristopherFoote grew up in Davis and went to Applegate pre-school Valley Oak Elementary and Holmes Junior High.

Grandmother: Joyce Halle
Grandfather: Enborg Halle Oak Avenue Professional Complex

Grandmother: Elizabeth Boardman [WWW]Author, Quaker
Grandfather: Eric Gustafson (Retired Harvard and UCD professor)

Mother: Sylvia Mushili
Father: Bupe Mushili

Uncle: Rusi Gustafson Birch Lane grade teacher
Uncle: Richard Gustafson

Aunt: Tana Tolson
Uncle: Doug Tolson [WWW]Doug Tolson Construction

Aunt: Tracy Dewitt
Uncle: John Dewitt Owner of Rice Paddies


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I helped out with your links to wiki pages a bit; for example,  ["Rice Paddies"] instead of []


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