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ConstantiaOomen.jpgConstantia with her grandmother Constantia and mother Thérèse

ConstantiaOomen3.jpgConstantia (baby in pic) with her family



Hummingbird4ByConstantia.jpgHummingbird on Hummingbird Swing in Back yard (J Street, Davis) of Constantia and Jeroen - click for large!, photo courtesy: Constantia

Hummingbird5ByConstantia.jpgHummingbird in Front yard (J Street, Davis) of Constantia and Jeroen, photo courtesy: Constantia

Hummingbird6ByConstantia.jpgHummingbird in Front yard (J Street, Davis) of Constantia and Jeroen, photo courtesy: Constantia

HummingbirdByConstantia.jpgHummingbird in Front yard (J Street, Davis) of Constantia and Jeroen, photo courtesy: Constantia

Hummingbird3ByConstantia.jpgHummingbird in Front yard (J Street, Davis) of Constantia and Jeroen, photo courtesy: Constantia

Constantia completed secondary teacher training in German and Dutch in 1990 and graduated with honor in German Language and Literature from University of Utrecht in 1993. She has published five books about out-of-body (and near-death) experiences, of which four of her own and one of the Austrian yogi Alfred Ballabene.

Constantia immigrated with her husband Jeroen Post to the Unites States on World Animal Day - both she and her husband are vegan and Constantia is an avid bird lover - , October 4, 2011 and is currently living in * wonderful * Davis, California.
She is always in for: ♥ birds ♥, veganism, cycling, traveling, [wikipedia]Test Drive Unlimited (racing game), [wikipedia]Need For Speed: Undercover (racing game), [wikipedia]Tiny Wings (app), [wikipedia]Wordfeud (app) > invite me: Constantia~, Bugatti Veyron, Spyker, Koenigsegg and other cool cars, photography, [wikipedia]GoT and especially [wikipedia]♔ Peter Dinklage, books by [wikipedia]Nelson DeMille, Photoshop, writing (and in the past: drawing), skepticism and 'para'normal facts and allegations.

Davis' tidbits

* Been in Davis since October 4, 2011
* Biked 9,330 miles since February, 17 2011 to this day, July 31, 2014, and of that, about 8,330 miles in Davis and surrounding areas.
* February 25, 2014, got Davis' Mayor Joe Krovoza to vote for her concerning the Bicycle Commission vacancy, but the other four voted for Mike Mitchell (congratulations, great job, Mike).

Constantia's favorite computer game: Test Drive Unlimited (I and II):


Photo & photoshop by Constantia of Baggins End

Green Window:


Original Window:


Original photo, as shot on 1-18-2012:



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2014-06-11 13:14:10   You're right, just saying windy, really windy or breezy is too subjective. Wind speed is actually a nice quantifiable solution. Thanks CO. —jefftolentino

2014-06-11 16:43:37   Today actually seems windier to me. Was getting blown around a little on my lunchtime walk. I wonder where the wind gauge is. —jefftolentino

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2014-06-24 19:47:57   No worries. It's a handy little thing. Glad I could help. —JabberWokky

2014-08-07 12:34:13   I really object to your deletion of "Second Chance Rotweiller Rescue's" page: their shut down is among the biggest news stories about Davis & environs in the past week. Please revert the deletion ASAP. Give people a chance to add information about this {scandal, important issue, mis-characterized organization} — I'm using the curly brackets to indicate that there are several possible interpretations of the situation. —DougWalter

2014-08-07 12:38:55   Gah I knew I should have obscured the address! —ToddKaiser

2014-08-14 10:21:27   There was another notice that they would be spraying last night, but I didn't spot them that time. —ToddKaiser

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