CourtneyRiddle.pngThis picture is not pretentious, not one bit.

Courtney Riddle is presently female, eighteen, and an un-student. She has been living in Davis since the tender age of five, and can't bring herself to leave it quite yet. Eventually, she will re-locate to San Francisco for education, but for the school year at hand, she's taking time off in favor of part-time jobs, video games, hibernation, and art. She works at Nina and Tom's downtown store frequently.

She's one of the town's few followers of [wikipedia]Lolita fashion, and tries to organize/participate in meet-ups regularly. Do not be alarmed if you see a cluster of frilly girls descending upon the streets of downtown Davis!

Courtney is quite often bored. You're free to say "hello" if you see her around!


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