Here's a compilation of Gene Shalit-like one-line impressions of places I've eaten at, or slightly longer lines where warranted. Most of these comments are not worthy of spreading throughout the wiki. Others are summaries of comments or edits I've previously made on individual pages. If you agree with my general comments about restaurants, you might find this page useful.

  1. American
    1. Americana
    2. Sandwiches / Delis
    3. California / Fusion food
  2. Asian
    1. Afghan
    2. Chinese
    3. Thai
    4. Japanese / Sushi
    5. Korean
    6. Vietnamese
    7. Indian
  3. European
    1. British
    2. Czech
    3. French
    4. Italian - Primarily Pizza
    5. Italian - Traditional
    6. Spanish
    7. Taqueria
    8. Latin-infused
  4. Mediterranean
    1. Middle-Eastern
  5. Fast Food
    1. Burgers
    2. Chicken
    3. Mexican
    4. Chinese
  6. Dessert
  7. Coffee / Cafes
  8. Outside of Davis
    1. Oakland
    2. Sacramento
    3. Winters



Sandwiches / Delis

California / Fusion food





Japanese / Sushi








Italian - Primarily Pizza

Italian - Traditional






Fast Food






Coffee / Cafes

see also Doughnuts

Outside of Davis





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2005-09-10 11:34:09   I, for one, demand that Craig dresses up like Gene Shalit when writing these reviews. You can buy surplus mock facial hair at Stagecraft Studios in Berkeley. —LeightonHinkley

2005-11-07 00:39:21   thx Mr. CB —MichaelGiardina

2005-11-08 14:42:23   Given your Chipotle review, it's obvious what your Posh Bagel review should be... —AlexanderWoo

2005-11-19 14:49:29   You should check out Steady Eddy's in Winters. Good mochas, good sandwiches, great place to spend time. —GrahamFreeman

2005-12-07 22:37:16   I would like to tag along to dim sum sometime. Have you been to the Scottish Meat Pie Shop in Dixon? —JudithTruman

2006-01-04 22:18:18   I think Taco Bell makes Del Taco look authentic. I mean, sure D.T. has fries, but their mainstays are not a product of 'food science' endeavors like taco bell is. —JaimeRaba

2006-03-07 19:45:44   Interesting story on Crepeville. I don't eat there because I consider it Crap-ville. Crepes are the easiest thing to make at home anyway, so I save a lot of money. Ever gone to Sogas and tried their salads? They're a pile of iceberg lettuce with something worse than Hidden Valley Ranch... for $10. —KarlMogel

2006-03-08 13:53:09   In spite of the bland atmosphere, Ding How deserves another drive-by-Craiging. Order off their vegetarian menu (it's a different color), and marvel at the delicious vegetarian beef and green beans (thinly-sliced, savory seitan). Lightyears better than the regular beef and peas. Also, it might be worth adding "Farmer's Kitchen Table" to your Natural Food Works entry, because that is the name of Rose Ann's restaurant there. xox —ElHarvey

2006-10-13 17:00:28   Dude you have to understand this ins't The City or New York. Davis might not have the best food around, but it isn't too bad. Also on Del Taco, the only reason it exists is to make $.79 Chicken Soft Tacos for kids who are either drunk or stoned late at night. Quality is not to be expected. —RussellAnderson

2007-03-03 20:03:18   You need a one liner for the educated eatery! wanna go one of these days? —StevenDaubert

2007-06-28 14:30:57   could you elaborate on Yummy guide as being related to uncanny valley. Is it that as the food gets more authentic we enjoy it until it reaches an almost authentic status, and then we can only see the differences and become repulsed? Im a little confused by the comparison, but it sounds interesting. —MattHh

2007-07-22 12:51:18   i was recently reading the panda experiment, and i noticed the picture for DNCs orange chicken. It looks fried? ive ordered it there, and it has never been fried. While panda is way worse than noodle, i actually like their orange chicken a little better. I use to love noodle city but lately i think shanhai town, noodle express, and home town do a better job. I still come back to noodle city for their great noodle salad though. —MattHh

2007-08-09 08:15:18   Why hasn't craig eaten at Delta of Venus? There IS good food there. I like their Samosa. JoshuaLee

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