manly.jpgCraig representing the homeland at Yosemite national park

Craig Easdale was born in [wikipedia]Glasgow, [wikipedia]Scotland, and brought up in the nearby pleasant suburb of [wikipedia]Bearsden. After completing 2 years of Electrical Engineering at the [wikipedia]University of Glasgow he decided it was time for adventure and spent his 3rd year at UC Davis.

During his exchange year he was the sole Scotsman among the international crowd, and as a result set the stereotype. He spent a substantial amount of time with his good friends of SOS, and also other international students. Stories of his foreigner antics still circulate and pollute the minds of many to this day.

On returning from the best year of his life in Davis, Craig continued his degree back in Glasgow, living, once more, in Glasgow's beautiful West End.
He split his 4th year the best he could between the wonderful bars of [wikipedia]Ashton Lane and the [wikipedia]GUU, and working silly hard on his team design project for [WWW]UGRacing.

In June 2011 Craig set off once more, this time to carry out his 5th year industrial placement at NIST, in Boulder, CO. Here he worked on instrumentation for atomic magnetometers.
Prior to his arrival in Colorado Craig took the chance to make an unannounced return to Davis, arriving with only the demand that everyone join him for plentiful entertaining times with a "less pants more fun" attitude.

Craig's personal interests include (but are not limited to) travel, science & technology, snowsports, bioelectronics, music, film, exercise and keeping fit. He is a keen skier and mountain biker. One of his favourite drinks is a white russian, you should make him one.


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