[WWW]dan brown is a faculty member in computer science at the [wikipedia]University of Waterloo, in [wikipedia]Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, which is about 4000 km (2500 miles) east of Davis.

He's spending the period from January to June of 2006 as a visiting scholar at UC Davis.

His interests include food, particularly baking and pastry, and contemporary classical music. He also is attending Davis Friends Meeting while he's in California.

Stuff I've written

I wrote a first attempt at a Guide for short-term residents; the wiki helped me find a lot of the stuff I needed before and after I got here, but it wasn't especially easy to organize. (The shopping-oriented pages were particuarly confusing.)

Stuff to write about

I'll probably do lots of food and music reviews. A couple of weeks ago at the Empyrean Ensemble's concert at the Mondavi Cent(er), I wound up sitting next to the new classical music reviewer for the Sacramento Bee. I sometimes wish I had his job!

And I think I'll write about flora and fauna in town. Once I get a camera, I expect I'll put something up about the Acacia Collection and the Mediterranean Collection at the Arboretum.

I've lived here before

I haven't, actually. But I really find the quote "ten square miles surrounded by reality" found as the tag line on Davis amusing, as it's often used to describe [ithaca]Ithaca, NY, where I earned my PhD. Google lists Ithaca four times on the top page of links for that phrase, while Davis falls below Boulder, Madison, Washington, Iowa City, and New York City. *grin* (Of course, Madison, Washington, and [!] NYC are all much bigger than 10 sq. mi.)

[One other similarity, of course, is that both Ithaca and Davis host excellent agriculture and vet schools. Unfortunately, it seems that UC Davis doesn't have a [WWW]dairy bar.

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2006-02-05 08:38:33   A Short Term Living Guide would be a great idea! Although the name I gave it makes it sound like you're about to die. —JackHaskel

2006-02-06 19:23:32   I hope you enjoy your stay in Davis. :) —AnnaJones

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