Name: Danielle Lee

Location: A cottage in Davis, CA

Website: [WWW]

About Danielle

- Transfer student from Reedley College.
- Undergraduate student at UC Davis studying Clinical Nutrition, graduated June 2008.
- Co-founded the Davis Vegetarian Society in January 2008.
- Sustainability Manager for UC Davis Dining Services/Sodexho
- Vegan.
- Owns a white rabbit, Bon Bon.
Bon Bon.jpegBon Bon - Rides her bike, whom she named Felipe, all over Davis.
- Blogger - [WWW]Thriving Vegan


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2008-05-11 12:33:21   Awesome writeup on Local Food Week! That's the kind of addition that really builds the wiki up. (I also think you also need to get a photo of Tofu and Bon Bon up, but that's just because I'm a rodent enthusiast). Thanks for the work! —JabberWokky

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