Darin Wick is...

Bikes (very out of date)

I love my bikes, and I love to talk about them. (Photos coming soon?) So:

The ancillary members of my stable include:

In addition, I often tend to the care and feeding of bikes belonging to my friends, though I encourage them to visit Bike Forth and learn about bike maintenance themselves.

All of my bikes are fitted with racks of one sort or another because I don't see much use in a bike that can't carry a full load. The retrodirect has a folding basket. (I would use folding baskets more often, but I don't like the rattling sounds they make.)

Many spare parts pass through my hands, since I tend to visit the dumpster behind Ken's Bike and Ski fairly often, in addition to the Davis Waste Removal facility on 2nd street. Most of the parts eventually end up at the Davis Bike Collective, though some of them find their way onto my own bikes.


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