Name: Dat Nguyen

Page of Death: [WWW]Dat's geocities guest book of doom

This art major doesn't really do much in terms of art. He's getting old and requires non-painty clothes. Dat can often be found at terrific restaurants like Zia's, Moshi Moshi, 2k Thai and whatever is open beyond 10pm.

DatNguyen.jpgHere's a Sims 2 representation. It's not a fun game, but the character editor is spiffy.

datnguyen_datmobile.jpgThe Dat-Mobile for posterity. Long live the Mina.


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2006-04-15 18:13:12   Just checking, is the logo you made a completely original work? —MikeIvanov

2006-04-15 18:17:10   Yeah, I illustrate chubby animals. That's my thing in life. —DatNguyen

2006-04-15 19:44:19   I like it. The logo needs to be an indexed PNG with transparency, though. You can post your PSD or whatever you are working with and I can do it for you. —MikeIvanov

2006-04-15 19:57:31   Whoops, there you go. I now has the brand new Super Clear Coat Technology (tm). —DatNguyen

2006-04-15 20:07:36   Almost there. I mentioned that it has to be palette-indexed. This is for full compatibility with certain IE browsers. I usually flatten with a black background, scale, convert to indexed (fewer than 256 colors, more IE bugs), add transparency layer, select all fully black areas, and cut them out. —MikeIvanov

2006-04-15 20:13:20   Fixed it for you —MikeIvanov

2006-04-15 20:31:52   Kickass logo! —PhilipNeustrom

2006-04-16 05:54:29   In hindsight, I should have converted it to 8-bit color. I deliberately didn't because it didn't make sense why it'd be a problem. I had it in my head that you guys were using the IE transparency work-arounds instead of GIF-styled-PNGs. I just figured it was some thing where you wanted to support some arcane browser because you were hardcore. No idea where my mind was at. I'll remember it for the next holiday or whenever. —DatNguyen

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