I graduated in Psychology and Human Development in 2006, and in 2013 from the Human Development PhD program. I then worked as a postdoc at the MIND Institute at the UC Davis Medical Center, and lived in Midtown Sacramento, before being called home to the beach and San Diego. I was an early DavisWiki user, but then and especially now, am more of an occasional reader, leaving Davis to the Davisites except when relevant. When I do edit, I prefer NPOV.

I lived in Davis from September 2002 to August of 2010, so I spent some good years there. When there, I could often be found sitting on my bike at the end of the runway watching planes land at the University Airport, or petting the Cows over by Tercero, where I first lived as an undergrad. My favorite place on campus is the Eichhorn Family House, where I used to use the research equipment, but more often just sat and worked quietly.

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2012-05-24 08:27:02   Hey, I saw your comment to Brent and I fixed the M.I.N.D./MIND naming for you. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards,

2013-10-08 17:39:21   congrats on finishing —StevenDaubert

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