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I just moved to Davis. I hail from Tucson, AZ...

Just graduated college, and am to see what Davis is all about and how I can help to make it better.

I like the community gardens, the domes, bike church...

I think bicycling should be the main mode of transportation. I think we can do better than Copenhagen. Youtube Copenhagen and you can find some neat videos of what goes on there as far as bicycling/pedestrian power.

Personally I like to be an animal.... run around barefoot/ climb trees barefoot...

I like to garden. Sing. Dance... Play guitar/drums/piano....

I like to enjoy this gift of life. Because it could be over in a split second..might as well enjoy it.


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2007-09-23 15:38:15   haha yes you added a box for me!! thanks man —DavidCrow

2007-09-23 15:42:18   Sort of, yeah. The basic form is ["A Page in the Wiki"], which will give you A Page in the wiki. You can also use alternative text for link names like so: ["A Page in the Wiki" Banana!] will give you Banana!. See [wikispot]Help with Editing and [wikispot]Help with Linking and just holler if you need help. —ArlenAbraham

2007-09-23 15:50:09   Welcome, David! Thanks for using your real name! Doing so definitely helps to increase the quality of the community.

I definitely recommend visiting Copenhagen. Viewing Youtube videos is cheaper, but I really enjoyed my brief visit there a few years ago. Like you wrote, their use of bikes is amazing, and the public city library was great too. —Graham.Freeman

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