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Okay, so I'll put it this way: when a lurker resurfaces, people say hi. It was a friendly gesture, that's all. —JabberWokky

2008-07-12 13:10:39   In response to your question [WWW]this. It was part of fixing all the user links to that they start with "Users/" and while I was at it I made a few minor changes. —JasonAller

2012-10-14 22:47:45   I am curious, how does one "flag" or "report" another user?

P.S. I would hazard a guess that your comments were removed because they were irrelevant to anyone looking for information on Vini, which, after all, is what a wiki is for. —MeggoWaffle

2012-10-15 08:22:21   Hey, I just removed your new comment because it doesn't really have anything to do with the subject of Vini Wine Bar. I'll add it back if you're really upset, but honestly, It seems to me that if you post stuff like that on the entry you're kinda distracting from the actual focus of the entry: the wine bar itself. Incidentally, that's what Talk pages are usually used for: a place for wiki and editing related discussion, so the main page isn't filled up with wiki-editing-related talk. What was the original comment that was removed? —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards,

2012-10-15 10:07:23   Evan, I ws talking to Covert Professor who DELETED MY COMMENT. You had no right to come along and delete my comment. Add it back, or I'm reporting you. —DavisLurker

2012-10-16 10:15:45   I think Evan is trying to illustrate a point: raging, deleting stuff, and shutting down all dialog is counterproductive. —TomGarberson

2012-10-16 10:25:12   Could you please stop playing angry games on the wiki? There is a limit to the tolerance of this negative and antagonistic editing. We're all here to document and celebrate Davis, and while there can be a large amount of silliness and fun had during that process (just like any other healthy group of people), it ideally stays positive, and communication is always important. It might be worth noting that this entry is not yours any more than any other; just as the entry under my account is not mine... they are merely "ours" by mutual respect. I certainly have edited other people's profiles and had mine edited by many people. I deleted my comments off this entry (plus one by an editor for whom I have agreed to manage his old comments) because you are ignoring them, don't seem to understand the purpose of user profiles and communication via comments, and I feel Megan's question and statement is the most positive and helpful toward moving in a direction where we address the original issues and can start to all work together. —JabberWokky

2012-10-16 10:34:10   JW, you are not welcome on my page. I don't want your comments on my page, and I don't want to engage you. That's my right and privilege. Your continuing to come, editing, and spewing, is getting ridiculous, and mentally questionable. GO AWAY AND GET A JOB. The discussion is over. —DavisLurker

2012-10-16 10:40:58   So, I'm going to ask it again: what are you trying to accomplish with all this? —TomGarberson

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