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2013-03-13 13:37:25   Hi to the person(s) behind this account, and a belated welcome to the wiki. You may not be aware that the wiki community has decided that organizational accounts like DavisSeedSavers — that is, accounts that are tied to a specific organization rather than tied to a specific person — have created problems on the wiki. Thus, we ask that you close this account and open a new name with your real name or a nickname. To do that, click "settings" in the upper right hand corner, change your email address from username@host to username+disabled@host and then press Save. Then scroll down to the bottom and use the "Disable Forever" option. That will allow you to use the same email address to signup again under your name or nickname. If you have questions, you can ask for [WWW]help.

P.S. I think the Davis Seed Savers Alliance is very cool, and glad to see you making updates to the page and to other pages. —CovertProfessor

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