Doug Barbieri lives in Oak Shade, and works for Made to Order Software Corporation ([WWW]

A C++ programmer, he writes code for Windows, Linux and Mac OS/X. Check out his latest open source project: [WWW] Also check out his for-sale application, Turn Watcher ([WWW]

He is a member of the Vocal Art Ensemble and Linux Users Group of Davis.


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Turn Watcher is a cool little app. If only I used a computer at the table. Neat program, though.jw

Thank you! If you ever change your mind about a laptop at the table, let me know. :-) —DougBarbieri

I only go to movies on Tuesday night after they are $4 each, I show up early to stake my claim with a jacket or sumat, then walk over to newsbeat etc to grab goodies to smuggle in, and then I make it back right before previews start, cause those are the only commercials I could be interested in. It makes for a decent regal experience —StevenDaubert

That's a great idea—I should do that sometime! —DougBarbieri

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