Elephantina Harvey, b. 1977, Boston. Does not like elephants very much.


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2006-03-08 14:43:06 Whoa, what nut is he allergic to? Welcome to the Wiki! —CraigBrozinsky.

2006-03-08 17:57:22   Porcupine! —BrianAng

2009-08-18 09:23:34   Hey, El... there's a mapping system built into the wiki (check out most "places" entries on the wiki, and note the "Map" icon). You can read up on [wikispot]Help with Maps, which is pretty easy if it's either at an address or you know the lat/long. —JabberWokky

2009-08-18 09:35:28   Whups... sorry about that. I thought you were done with the entry. Edit collisions happen now and then on the wiki. :) I'm done with my changes, so edit away. —[gnome]Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-08-18 09:35:40   Thanks for the help on the Dinosaur Park page, Jabberwokky! —ElHarvey

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