Elliot1.jpgObligatory Narcissistic Photo!

Elliot is an undergraduate at UC Davis. He is majoring in Materials Science & Engineering.

Please send lucrative job opportunities & fan mail to <egszkup AT gmail DOT com>

Elliot is like TNT...he knows Drama!

"Elliot is my special friend" - Jessica

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Your thoughts aren't really appreciated, but I'll read them:

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2007-05-16 18:16:56   Good looking out on the cleanup of that mystery photo, the name was failing me at the time, but I knew it was that new complex. —StevenDaubert

2008-07-25 23:30:45   Can you link the Yoav Helfman page that you created from somewhere? It would also be great if you could flesh it out a little bit as it doesn't have much to it other than the photo at the moment. —JasonAller

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