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2009-11-11 11:53:30   Hello there and welcome to Davis Wiki. I see you've created ["Ace - Dixon Hardware & Lumber"]. For the most part, we write about Davis on here, with a few exceptions where things outside of Davis have a particular relevance to Davisites. For example, we have a page for Wal-Mart about the Woodland and Dixon Wal-marts because Davis doesn't have a Wal-mart and it's a place that plenty of Davisites want to go to. Considering that Davis has an Ace Hardware, do you think a page on the Dixon Ace is needed or relevant here? Personally, I think we should just add the information about the Dixon Ace to the existing Ace Hardware page.—WilliamLewis

2009-11-28 17:09:40   Okey Dokey —GJC02

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