Welcome to the Gruntled Monkey


Name: Gruntled Monkey (That is Mr. Monkey to you!)

Phone Number: (800) Good-Food (Yes, that is too many letters, but (800) gud-food looked stupid.)

Profession: Restaurant Critic (Or anything else I feel the need to comment about)

Office: A Wiki near you...

Personality: The name says it all

Most frequently used phrase: Why does everybody thinks I like bananas?


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Did you take the picture of the monkey yourself or get it from a freely-usable source? Check out Copyrights.PhilipNeustrom

I'm no primatologist, but I know that chimps are not monkeys. They're apes. I vote we rename this page to response to your banana mystery...BECAUSE THE PERFECT MEAL FOR YOU CONSISTS OF THREE BANANAS- ONE YELLOW, ONE SPECKLED BROWN AND ONE BLACK!

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