033.JPGTotoro on my desk at Cuarto/Emerson 2009-10 (beatbox)
My name is Harrison; I come from San Francisco
Friends say I'm crazy like Franco
Read Goethe, Tolstoy, and whatever
Twilight? Never
Take crazy hard classes.
I wear glasses
Sometimes I have to think of a rhyme.
Excuse me, this could take a long time.

(several minutes pass)

Don't text when I ride
or need a calculator to SURVIVE
Love life's the antithesis of Tiger Woods;
Guess chicks don't dig dudes WITHOUT HOODS.

Going to be an engineer
Oh snap it's 2012
Haters gonna get shelved
You can say I'm Johann Sebastian...


Yeah, that's about it for now.

He's the guy who walks around campus carrying the two kendo swords in the duct tape scabbards on his back. He CAN use them but he's not good at them. By some random chance he will make a public appearance for the Fall rush at the bookstore as an employee. Please forgive his incompetence; the last job didn't have no fancy computerized cash registers as it was still stuck somewhere between 1983 and 2006.

He can also be found in the third floor of the engineering library pouring over the Car and Driver collection or snoozing at Shields. Don't bother him then unless it's an emergency.

HarrisonM's opinions can be had in Yelp flavors too! He writes in a manner similar to the tone of this post, and he's hoping that you realize that he IS a real boy and not a sockpuppet.

Why just a M and nothing else? Good question - it's for security and what not. Just know that it sort of rhymes with ¬°muy bien!. If you got here from the Kendo Club page, well cat's out of the bag.

If you are a member of the Kendo club and/or Baja SAE, please edit the wiki page(s) as you see fit.


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2010-03-09 12:38:22   I dig the pictures you uploaded for the March 4 protest, man. —AlexanderHo

2010-03-09 22:59:28   Do you shoot guns much?

FYI, an assault rifle is defined as a selective fire weapon with a medium power rifle cartridge. Selective fire means that the gun can be set to either fire once per trigger pull or multiple times per trigger pull. The police often carry AR-15s, which are single shot only. One trigger pull, one shot. I doubt you saw anything heavier. —WilliamLewis

2010-03-10 17:58:02   Wow... they let you shoot guns in school still? In San Francisco? That's awesome! —WilliamLewis

2010-03-10 21:51:22   Was the rifle locked up in the car? The police do, and I think should, have rifles for alot of situations, like how Atticus Finch had to kill the rabid dog in To Kill a Mockingbird. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-03-18 13:04:05   [WWW]

2011-03-07 01:28:03   What Chinese-food restaurants do you like? Do you have SF restaurant recommendations? —JudithTruman

* Hi Judith, sorry I couldn't respond earlier. I quite like Emero Taste out in the Richmond.

2011-03-07 10:10:19   Have you ever tried Davis Noodle City? I'm a big fan and all my friends who are Chinese seem to agree it's the best for "authentic" food. —OliviaY

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