Heather now lives in Sacramento, California, but can't seem to stay away from Davis and is here a few times a week, usually caring for two cute Shelties.
klingershelties.jpgAs requested, a picture of the cute Shelties!

She is a DJ and Volunteer at KDVS. She has been the past Underwriting (04-05) and Co-Publicity Director (05-06) as well. She is also the General Manager at Gearhead Records and all around music nerd.

Heather is a music columnist for [WWW]Midtown Monthly in Sacramento, Ca.

She runs a project called [WWW]Out of Order Records which is a label, mailorder, blog and makes 1" buttons.

She can be seen at many house shows and is usually up front due to her unfortunate height.


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2007-02-25 20:37:35   Haiku for Klinger

Oh, DJ Klinger
I Still listen to your show
Rock on forever

2007-09-26 11:28:54   I love this gal. —CalamityJanie

2008-05-29 23:24:38   I had wondered if you were related to the wonderful Al... or is it coincidence? —EdHenn

2008-11-20 13:05:47   Yes, I am Al Klinger the art teacher's Grand-daughter. —HeatherKlinger

2008-11-20 13:08:20   How is Sac life treating you? How is Al? —StevenDaubert

2008-11-20 13:52:19   Post pics of the shelties! :D —EdWins

2009-05-10 22:52:11   My Grandpa is doing well and enjoying his retirement. Sacramento is OK. Had a rough start with a neighbor starting a house-fire the 2nd month we lived there, but things are well now. And I've added a picture of the cute Shelties, Hootie and Sophie!! —HeatherKlinger

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