himy-syed-official-photo-no-text.jpg I'm in Toronto Ontario Canada at the moment, but have lived on and off in the Bay Area since I was 16.

I hung out with my grandparents in Fremont, East Bay over the 2004-2005 winter and spring.

I'm building a city wiki for [toronto]Toronto and [mississauga]Mississauga and have been inspired from your collective experience here on DavisWiki.

If you're curious about me beyond wikis, see [WWW]here.

You may follow me on [WWW]Twitter or email me <HiMY AT HiMY DOT ca>.

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2009-01-24 18:57:27   That is a very nifty looking logo. —JasonAller

2009-01-24 19:12:24   Thanks Jason. I imagine with so many Chinese Food restaurants, there must some amount of celebrating the Year of The Ox this week in Davis! Hopefully the logo gets used. :-) —HimySyed

2011-12-20 19:40:41   I like the Christmas logo a lot! —TomGarberson

2011-12-20 20:46:01   As do I! Great logo! I'll add it in about half an hour, when I'm not on my phone. —JabberWokky

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