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Hui Chen authored this page (and donated to DavisWiki.)


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2006-08-01 13:00:34   Hi Hui, welcome to the wiki! Please remember to hit the Preview button before saving changes. This helps keep the [WWW]page's revision history and Recent Changes uncluttered. It also helps to comment on the changes you make. —ArlenAbraham

2006-08-01 16:01:14   Oops. thanks. —HuiChen

2006-08-05 15:04:35   silly hui... —JoeRunnels

2006-08-05 16:50:21   I rather preferred your old entry. I liked the unification idea and your job ideas. —JabberWokky

2006-08-11 01:31:40   me too! —JoeRunnels

2006-08-15 20:24:56   You could try going to the music department to reserve a piano to practice on. Also, I think there's on in the MU on the ground floor, but its not private. —KarlMogel

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