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''2010-05-14 17:40:33'' [[nbsp]] Yep, I think all of that is right, and I commend you for it. I will say for myself that although I am quick to anger, I am also quick to forgive, and tend to give lots of chances. The one concern I have with responding positively to negative behavior is that in ''some'' cases it can serve to validate or perpetuate the behavior. For example, BrianOrr ''could'' interpret your response as saying that he was OK to behave as he did. (Or, as you say, it could give him a graceful way out -- it's hard to know how a person will react). And I think a certain other Brian also felt enabled to continue his bad behavior every time someone showed him a little bit of sympathy. But hey, I'm happy that we have a good cop around here; it lets me be the bad cop occasionally. ;-) --["Users/CovertProfessor"]

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Evan.pngAn older photo. It's a longer, grayer beard nowadays.

[gnome]Evan Edwards, well known as JabberWokky (I get regular postal mail addressed to JabberWokky, I'm registered to vote with the ID JabberWokky, and my wife calls me Wokky). I can be identified thusly: A rather large fellow of Scot-Irish ancestry. Long red-brown hair (only visibly red in good sunlight), a very full beard. I always wear black jeans and either black sweaters (winter) or Hawaiian shirts (summer). Often you can see a bronze Hand of Eris pendant around my neck. In winter (and sometimes in summer), I wear a large black trench coat. My laptop, frank, is a Dell Inspiron 9300 and very tied to my home network. I'm friendly, meaning I only bite if you're cute and ask nicely. One easy identifier is my black hat, technically an outback hat, which is somewhat like a large fedora. It sometimes has my band of pinbacks on it.

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Note that Sarah just obtained her doctorate from Penn State, and so I've been in exile from Davis for the past several years as she was in the program here. We next move at the end of August 2010. At that point, she's got a short stint somewhere as a post-doc, and then the permanent faculty position search starts. Between family and friends, we've been making back to visit every two years. Why am I so involved in the Wiki? Davis was our home, and we're hoping for it to be again. Sarah will be a professor of chemistry, we like small university towns and we already know we love Davis. In the meantime, if you manage to find yourself in State College, Pennsylvania, drop a line and we'll show you around. If you are looking to become a grad student here (or move here for any other reason), contact us with any questions you might have. Penn State is much larger than UC Davis, but it is an ag school, and you'll see similar traits but with greater resources (important for grad students) and with an East Coast flavor to the population (which is worth living among to get a feel for different viewpoints).

If you know of a good research University that has a chemistry program and is in a town similar in tenor and tone to Davis, let us know. We're looking now (we started our "where will we live the rest of our lives until Sarah is emeritus, and I'm playing Santa Claus at the Farmer's Market" quest on June 2009). Other than Davis, Chapel Hill and Berkeley are in the mix.


ePuppet.pngAlternate universe version. Note the lack of beard, indicating this is the 'Good Universe' JabberWokky. Likely a sockpuppet for David Poole, like most other users on the wiki. Of course, it is also documented fact that he is Jason Aller, so perhaps Jason is also a sockpuppet. Regardless, he prefers, being a Henson fan, to be referred to as a "sockmuppet". He is in full favor of, and thinks it would be "spiffy keen" to see some DavisWiki fanfic. His attention to detail is appreciated, as the wiki keeps informing him.


An Artist's Rendition

A note about the name: Yes, people call me Jabber, Wokky and JabberWokky in real life (including my SO, who tends to use the more popular "Wokky"). Yes, it started life as a reference before the web existed, and it started out intentionally misspelled. I camelCap it for ease of use. I get magazines sent to "Wokky, Jabber", and have gotten credit card offers to Mr. Jabber Wokky. Yes, people call me Evan as well. Note that as long as this account has existed, the redirect EvanEdwards has existed. In 2006 and 2008, I officially voted using it, having registered as a voter using the name. Cheap Thrills is more than a Big Brother album. Woo.

Yes, he can lose his patience on and with the wiki. ;-P One tip he's discovered is that if a controversial or pointed reply, comment or edit is worth making, it'll be fine to type it up, read through it, then copy and paste it into a text file to read, edit and choose to post (or not) the next day. If it's really worth saying, it's going to be perfectly okay if it waits a day. That's especially important if you've been woken up at 1:15am by an alarm, and are sitting reading through Recent Changes while you wait for a database check to finish, half asleep. This comment, on the other hand should be safe. Right?

buad-image.pngAn image of one of his LARP charactersMinor interesting facts:


Often plays around with stuff (like the Wiki!) to break it. Then drinks more iced coffee in triumph. THEN fixes it.tar zxf

Amazing Value!

Now you can purchase your own jabberwokky at [WWW]!

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Proposal for a Radical Change

Here's a new proposal for the home page:
Bizarro World               Drom's Comics and Cards


Comic is Creative Commons By-NC [WWW]

"Hey there, viewer! Do you want YOUR wiki entry to be padded out, fully documented and have an image gallery to put Picnic Day to shame? Well then, just delete it, claim you want to keep it hush hush, and watch it *fly* across the Recent Changes as an army of people update that puppy to the world's leading resource and the number one Google return!"

KDE and the Wiki

Konqueror Web Shortcut for the Wiki Search:{@}&action=inlinesearch&button_new.x=0&context=40

Konqueror Web Shortcut for the Wiki:{@}

Go to Settings, Configure Konqueror, Web Shortcuts and paste the above line and pick a shortcut. I use dw. Then you can use URLs like dw:JabberWokky to either jump directly to an entry or to search for the term.

Where to Hide a Dead Body on the Wiki

The Wiki provides a rich and cluttered environment ideal for the surreptitious disposal of formerly living entities. These FLEs can be placed in a wide variety of entries including, but not limited to:

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Someone who keeps aloof from suffering
is not a lover. I choose your love
above all else. As for wealth
if that comes, or goes, so be it.
Wealth and love inhabit separate worlds.

But as long as you live here inside me,
I cannot say that I'm suffering.

Deleted Talk Pages

On 8.24.05 I cleaned out some Talk pages for entries that had become stable. Since the format for Talk pages has changed, here are the "missing entries":

Brent pointed out Talk:Cost Plus World Market and Wiki Court.

I left a few that were newish or active.

Deleted by ES on 2005-12-5

one minute of downtime

Describe that minute of downtime here.

it just occurred, and it was *terrible*

I wanted the wiki now, but I had to wait

sometimes i have to rip the band-aid off really quickly. it hurts, but it's for your own good.PhilipNeustrom

The excitement was hard to take! What would the new thing be? Would it be award-winning?? —CovertProfessor

Wiki Bulldada

karl.and.tomas.jpgDid you know Mike and Philip's ancestors worked together as innovators?

Adventures in GPSing.jpgJason uses high technology while maintaining his simian roots. Or branches, as the case may be.

Don't know what bulldada is? [WWW]Ask Google.

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2010-03-20 10:17:58   Ooh, a clean slate! Time to muddy it a bit! —TomGarberson

2010-03-20 14:22:01   I did look at the changes somewhat and I've looked again. I saw that you used "Town History"; that was a good fix for the "History" link. And you edited the "People" page for keeping it as the link. I was expecting that there would be a link that would be more about the people of Davis. The Wiki Users aren't very forthcoming with information about us. You are more of an exception. —BruceHansen

2010-03-20 21:14:04   There's something to be developed "for sure".

I don't know about this procedure where a comment goes on one user's page and then that user reciprocates. One doesn't see the dialog in one place. —BruceHansen

2010-03-22 10:19:29   angelaclarkis the current IHOP manager. Hopefully she can get back to you with the dates. —ARWENNHOLD

2010-03-23 15:06:05   yeah, I don't mind at all if you move it. —ScottMeehleib

2010-03-23 16:33:58   Good luck to her! —EdWins

Best of luck to Sarah!! I still remember what a relief it was to have that done. Extra kudos to you for supporting her. —cp

2010-03-24 08:41:42   Yeah, I wouldn't say that politics in general is a con game. But I do think that lately, Republicans have been doing an amazing job of convincing a certain segment of the population that tax cuts will help them (when they won't) and that the Republicans care about issues like abortion and gay marriage (when they're really just dangling those issues in front of people to gain adherents). And of course, the most recent con was that our current health care system (prior to recent events) was actually working for people. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-24 18:59:33   Does your mother have problems bathing herself? Clothing herself? Using stairs? Does she have mental illness that prevents her from running errands? —WilliamLewis

2010-03-24 19:02:47   Examples of the highly invasive questions on the American Community Survey. If some people don't believe those questions are invasive, I'd argue they have no sense of modesty. —WilliamLewis

2010-03-24 19:06:27   You used the neutral language "could be considered" when it is quite clear that the questions are invasive. —WilliamLewis

2010-03-24 20:08:25   [WWW]Agreed, though I am not sure that the sentence is as clear as it could be yet. And I am also curious about how they handle students in the dorms. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-24 20:26:40   It would be a useful link to put on the Invasive Species page. My opinion is that Helxine is unlikely to establish in non-garden areas here in the Sacramento Valley. It's more of a "garden thug," to use a British term. I've thought about reworking the Invasive Species page some more, but it's a pretty controversial topic between nursery folks and conservationists. Nevertheless, I may wade into it again at some point. —DonShor

2010-03-25 12:41:12   Haha! I'll have to put that Pink Flamingos on my Netflix queue. It looks delightfully disturbing. —ScottMeehleib

2010-03-26 17:48:27   [WWW]Caddyshack! —CovertProfessor

2010-03-26 21:02:34   "It's no big deal." —CovertProfessor

2010-03-28 08:40:25   Well, now it looks kind of odd. Wes is the only former employee mentioned, he doesn't apparently work anywhere comics-related (as far as we know), so the only purpose in retaining the information seems to be to link to the controversy. I have many former employees who have gone off to start their own gardening/landscaping businesses, whom I would be happy to list and link, but it would seem pointless to list the ones who now are gone or work in unrelated professions. "Wes Pierce is a former employee" just looks random. Perhaps we should ask Wes and Dan what they would prefer at this point. —DonShor

2010-03-28 11:26:57   Like you, I am concerned about history being removed from the wiki. And I don't really understand the reasons being given for doing it. I never thought that the fact that Wes was working for Bizarro World was the reason for the link in the first place. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-28 13:02:14   Cute. You removed factual stuff from the Green Party page though. (The stuff on the other pages appears to be advertising.) It doesn't read as advertising because it says "This is what we did in the past", or "These are the goals we promote". This is different from the other page because that page states what it is trying to promote as fact, rather than as a goal or something similar. —IDoNotExist

2010-03-28 13:08:41   Stop, please —IDoNotExist

2010-03-28 13:09:52   It's getting silly... —IDoNotExist

2010-03-28 13:19:40   What is IDNE? Pretty sure that you're not referring to "Inertial Doppler Navigation Equipment"... —KemblePope

2010-03-28 13:23:57   Perhaps he is referring to [WWW]Intertial Dampeners... —IDoNotExist

2010-03-28 13:40:28   Oh my. One would hope that the victim had not eaten prunes the night before. :) On the other hand, that's nothing that rerouting power through the isolinear optical chips to collimate an inverse tachyon beam wouldn't cure... —IDoNotExist

2010-03-28 13:49:31   I think Wikipedia links could be useful in the first paragraph for those who just want a quick link to additional information. —hankim

2010-03-28 14:01:24   I'm sure they would have one around the campus somewhere, given the quality of the [WWW]FoodIDoNotExist

2010-03-28 17:20:53   Along with NickSchmalenberger's points, I personally like Wikipedia because they attempt to maintain some amount of neutrality on subjects while providing basic information on them. —hankim

2010-03-28 17:51:04   There's really room for both: Facts: Burgers and Brew serves burgers. And brew. Times. Phone. etc. This is good. Increases the value of the page.

Opinions: I love/hate it. Whatever. Individual opinions are REALLY valuable here. But we know they are opinions, so they carry weight in that way. This increases the value of the page.

Advertising: We're Burgers and Brew. We have the best burgers! - Not good. Makes the wiki into an ad platform. Decreases the trustworthiness of the information on it.

Advertising or opinion presented as facts: Burgers and Brew serves the best burgers in Davis. And brew. Times. Phone. etc. This is bad because one opinion (that of the owner) has become the dominant theme in the facts about the subject of the page. Essentially, that makes it the consensus view of the community, when it is not. This makes the information less trustworthy.

This is why they need to be separate. Both types of information are valuable. But confusing the two makes the Wiki less reliable as an information source. —IDoNotExist

2010-03-28 18:06:43   Symposium is mostly a good entry, although there are one or two things in the top portion that are clearly subjective. For example, saying that it is a "good restaurant" is subjective. (I think most people in Davis who have eaten there would agree with it, but it's still subjective.) But most of the entry describes the experience and quality of service there. That's factual - assuming that it is normally true for most people who visit it. But maybe it is better to say it's a restaurant and then let people decide if it is good by reading the comments.

It might be nice to add some sort of objective ratings system here. Several categories:
Quality of food
Quality of service

People could give individual ratings of 0-5 stars, with the average and distribution shown at the top. That's much more objective. In fact, that's how Consumer Reports summarizes information about products it reviews. —IDoNotExist

2010-03-28 20:12:22   Great idea! I'll do that shortly. —DonShor

2010-03-30 15:42:39   I hate you for catching that. —EdWins

2010-03-31 03:52:16   Sure. But [WWW]seriously. That's all I'm sayin'. —EdHenn

2010-03-31 13:18:15   The scans total 150 MB. It could probably be a lot smaller if I stitched the images together. The scanner is unable to scan an entire page at once, so I took a scan of the top and of the bottom of each page. I'm going to go back and rescan some stuff because some of it is unreadable... especially the notorious last issue.

Oh, here's a fun quote from the last issue...
"We are done! We have wrote the last line! We have pressed the last sheet! Our pilgrimage is o'er. None have done more for the prosperity of Davisville than us; and none have done less to help than you. We are through! Voila!"

2010-04-01 23:55:42   It's going out! —IDoNotExist

2010-04-02 00:00:48   Nice~ —IDoNotExist

2010-04-02 00:08:27   I enjoyed watching the sunset... —IDoNotExist

2010-04-02 20:32:51   The et ligature (&) has a long and glorious history. Heretic! —WilliamLewis

2010-04-05 14:40:09   Hi Evan. I was wondering how do I go about starting a new page? Hertz is another rental car company located in Davis and they aren't on daviswiki yet. —geezlouisexyz

2010-04-05 15:18:57   I thought some of the other info on the page might be helpful... isn't that why we have those pages? If they're too long, perhaps we should shorten them? —CovertProfessor

2010-04-06 07:43:14   Spontaneous combustion... so underrated! —TomGarberson

2010-04-06 14:49:30   Okay, let me know if you find the entry. I've seen several names for the same committee so it's very possible that I somehow missed it on the search. And if it's in a member entry by chance, it would probably be a good thing to pull out into its own space] —ScottMeehleib

2010-04-06 21:58:55   Haha, I just saw [WWW]this. Great edit! —NickSchmalenberger

2010-04-09 10:00:25   If you don't mind, I'd like to create at least a brief page for the State Farm Promotion Committee soon. Mainly, I want readers to be able to find a listing of the people who were a part of the committee linked from the town history page. We could always merge and/or delete any info I add if we find some previously-existing stuff later. —ScottMeehleib

Was eaten mid April by an iPad and a collection of eBooks downloaded over the years with (at the time) no good way to read them. He may never be seen again. Or sleep.

2010-04-13 12:39:45   Silliness, perhaps, but inquiring minds still want to know! —CovertProfessor

2010-04-18 10:45:16   What's with the "last day online" wiki logo? A reference to today's BBQ? A late April Fool's? —JonathanLawton

2010-04-20 20:55:23   You know, the logo took me a minute :) —PhilipNeustrom

2010-04-20 22:17:06   Woooooo! I feel an Uncle Ben moment coming on. With great power... —TomGarberson

2010-04-21 10:20:03   According to a Unitrans bus driver, JabberWokky is now a codeword for J, as in the J-line. Congratulations, bus loads of people heard your wikiname today during the last-call! :-D —RyanMikulovsky

2010-04-26 09:40:17   Ha! Perfect. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-01 21:00:52   Sadly your prediction didn't pan out. Usually your predictions are pretty good, but this one just missed. —JasonAller

2010-05-02 14:15:06   I like the idea of a "fingertanning citadel" (from a footnote on CP's page). Makes me giggle as I imagine a series of archaically clad thumbs (Thumb Wars) walking past guards in order to tan. —EdWins

2010-05-04 20:16:11   I think you're mispronouncing it. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-04 20:28:25   I just submitted a large patch to a software project where I was forcedToRenameAllMyVariablesAsSo —WesHardaker

2010-05-04 21:09:48   Ah, well, if you would like to revert it, by all means feel free. My eyes stopped on the word for one second too long and my OCD kicked in :/ —EBT

2010-05-04 21:30:34   Well, I wasn't suggesting that you *change* the link — I am a great admirer of your defense of all things whimsical on the wiki (and today you beat me to restoring the "black humor," too). The fried mozzarella triangles sound yummy, as does the beer pairing... enjoy the East coast delights while you can, before you make your way back west. One of the downsides of moving around is that you are always missing one cuisine or other! —CovertProfessor

2010-05-05 08:12:04   thanks for deleting sincerely.. she suffers from communication, anger, ego ... I don't know how else to reply u since I find this website confusing .. so I wrote here.. delete this too after u read
thanks —Sushmita

2010-05-05 08:17:44   & I did not want to post that there in reply to hers actually thanks take care —Sushmita

2010-05-10 10:25:49   So, your #7 is an enhanced #6, is that correct? —CovertProfessor

2010-05-10 14:16:15   Hmm. I suspect, though, that people aren't understanding it, because I have a hard time seeing why anyone who voted for 6 wouldn't also want your proposed 7. Maybe if you explained it in more detail above and gave it a label, you might get more adherents. (I am still thinking about my "vote," being pulled in a couple of different directions at the moment — but it seems to me as though more tools are always better). —CovertProfessor

2010-05-10 14:30:29   Thanks for the clarification, but I think the original "Flag new edits" discussed on the page was a proposal concerning flagging on the Recent Changes page only. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-10 15:36:56   Hmm... I don't see that proposal on the page (not that I don't believe you that it's on there somewhere!). But I was referring to the proposal under the Heading "Flag new edits approach" — which only says something about highlights in Recent Changes. I suspect that people who voted for #6 were voting for that, and it's why I thought your #7 was just an enhanced #6. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-10 16:51:52   Yeah, I figured you were busy. I took at stab at clarifying, and also, took your advice about the numbering. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-11 07:46:49   Hey JW, regarding the do-nothing option, saying is was like option seven without the tools was confusing because option seven said it was like six. Option six flags edits which the do-nothing option wouldn't have, yeah? —jefftolentino

2010-05-11 08:27:24   I see. Saying its like seven (which is like six with tools), but without tools (which are added in seven), makes it sound like six, yeah? I just thought do-nothing should be self-explanitory. —jefftolentino

2010-05-11 08:54:23   :) Yeah, I'm thinking the gnome tools are getting a pretty good pull anyway. —jefftolentino

2010-05-11 17:12:04   Ah, I see, thanks for the info. —EBT

2010-05-12 15:17:08   I agree that Dagon meant it all in fun, and I can see what he means about the sketch — perhaps I'm being a bit sensitive, but seeing myself as the unabomber definitely caught me off guard. And yeah, I'm not crazy about the title or the page in general, either. I've never wanted to encourage making my identity a guessing game, given that I'd rather it be kept a secret. But I'm trying to be a good sport about it. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-12 15:23:02   Argh, you've figured me out!!! I am indeed The Doctor. Only the TV shows have it all wrong... the Tardis is really a phone booth. Perhaps you've seen mine around town. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-12 15:27:34   Yes, that's the one. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-13 09:50:13   Ah, ok. How "helpful." It seems to infect phone numbers, for some reason. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-14 08:46:42   Hope your head is better! Sorry, missed the spammer. —TomGarberson

2010-05-14 09:02:55   Blerg, yeah, migraines suck. I've started getting a few a year lately. Used to get them very, very rarely. On the plus side, the fireworks show beforehand is pretty fun... —TomGarberson

2010-05-14 09:17:31   Eh, part of the game, right? People still seem to think the best defense is an offense. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-14 09:23:12   Just saw the comment about the migraine... hope you're feeling better now. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-14 11:07:18   Editing in the shower seems like a good reason to go for one of those military grade laptops. —hankim

2010-05-14 11:13:29   If you slip and fall while editing in the shower, can I get dibbs on your iPad or is that the sort of thing that'll go to Sarah by default? Even though I bet she didn't call dibbs... —ES

2010-05-14 11:15:04   A touch-pad compatible bag with a zipper? —hankim

2010-05-14 11:54:49   A local wouldn't be editing from the Philippines. —WilliamLewis

2010-05-14 12:04:13   JW, you've always supported my right to be anonymous, but I know your preference is for non-anonymity, as your comment on BrianOrr's page suggests. So, let me make an offer that I have thought of making many times before. If you think my presence on the wiki does more harm than good (by encouraging other people to be anonymous or making anonymity seem OK) then I will stop editing. Harming the wiki would certainly go against my reasons for being here. And frankly, you'd be doing me a favor, since there are many other things that I can and should be doing. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-14 14:44:05   That may have been the best I've ever seen that sentiment said. Good job! —EdWins

2010-05-14 16:23:47   JW, thanks for your explanation — it does make sense to me. And as I said, you've always supported my right to be anonymous. I just wondered how you thought the harms and benefits weighed out. I guess what caught me off guard was your giving such a congenial reply to someone who, imo, was behaving quite badly. That, combined with your views on the importance of community, made me wonder. But I understand, and agree, that you can't get into complexities with new editors and so you just give them the simple answer. (I also understand that you are probably a bit more even-tempered than I am). I also agree that being anonymous limits the things I can do to some extent — I can't call anyone on the phone, I can't show up to a wiki BBQ, etc. And yeah, when people don't "know" me (wiki-wise) they might not give my words as much weight. I feel bad about all of these things but also feel that there's not much I can do about them. If I taught at Sac State I think that things might be a little different.

TG and ES, thanks for your comments, too. It's good to hear that other people understand my reasons. It assures me that I am not just being paranoid. :) And I had not thought about the fact that people who are going to behave badly under an anonymous name are likely to behave badly whether or not they see other anonymous names around. I do think that there might be some sort of effect — lots of RealNames encourage more RealNames, whereas lots of anonymous names encourage more anonymous names. But as JW said, the problem is more the correlation between anonymity and the bad behavior than the anonymity itself.

Anyway, looks like I can't use you all as a way to get myself to focus on my other tasks more. Back to my unreliable self-control mechanisms. —CovertProfessor

2010-05-14 17:40:33   Yep, I think all of that is right, and I commend you for it. I will say for myself that although I am quick to anger, I am also quick to forgive, and tend to give lots of chances. The one concern I have with responding positively to negative behavior is that in some cases it can serve to validate or perpetuate the behavior. For example, BrianOrr could interpret your response as saying that he was OK to behave as he did. (Or, as you say, it could give him a graceful way out — it's hard to know how a person will react). And I think a certain other Brian also felt enabled to continue his bad behavior every time someone showed him a little bit of sympathy. But hey, I'm happy that we have a good cop around here; it lets me be the bad cop occasionally. ;-) —CovertProfessor

  • 1Yes, I know there are a few dozen published each week... the big one that came out a couple years back
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