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Wow, the Bike Church/For Donation looks great. You did a nice job with it.JasonAller

2006-01-22 20:11:12   Hey, you're not the Jason Moore I know personally, are you? —RoyWright

2006-01-23 16:19:14   Jason, Thanks for the compliment. —JasonMoore

2006-01-23 16:20:09   I don't believe I know you Roy. I just recently moved here from Virginia. —JasonMoore

2006-01-23 17:21:06   k just checking. —RoyWright

2006-07-11 17:38:42   Do you have any more information about the Burning Bike Festival. Is it a Davis thing? —KaiTing


2007-09-22 11:57:35   Jason, how do I get in touch with you? I'd like to come and shoot video at the Zombie bike event, but I'd also like to get footage of you guys preparing earlier in the day.

I'll turn it into a program for DCTV (ch 15) and stick up a web video on Let me know! —LiamCreighton

2007-09-22 12:01:18   Oh yeah, and email address would be good, wouldn't it? liam[at] —LiamCreighton

2008-01-16 09:17:30   hey, any chance you could drop that bag you held for me by the J sometime on your way past? also, party at my house on Saturday. see ya soon. —PxlAted

2008-08-03 10:50:15   Jason, I noticed that you deleted the "for free" part of the tool lending note on the bike shops page. Is that no longer a free thing, or is it just that not all of those listed do it for free? —TheAmazingLarry

2008-09-15 10:40:18   I'm not sure why you consider it to be "advertising" for the Bike Kitchen or about the Kitchen trying to one-up the Bike Church. There wasn't even a hint of a statement that the Kitchen has been around longer or that it served as a model for the Church. The addition was only meant to help the introduction by providing an example that many people are familiar with (yes, some people are more familiar with the Sac Bike Kitchen than the Davis Bike Church). Both organizations have the same goal, and that's all that really matters so I didn't think it would set off a turf war. Anyway, a separate links page is fine too, only requires more maintenance. —TheAmazingLarry

2010-10-07 10:26:07   Hi Jason, Would you be interested in having your free teaching events (Like the "Open Science" one that's on the front page of wiki right now) included in the Davis People's Free School calendar this winter? For more info on the Davis People's Free School: —BrettAnneBalamuth

2011-10-10 04:07:26   if you could please tell me more about the police visit to bike forth that was spurned by DBE owner...

Thanks! —StevenDaubert

2011-10-10 14:02:23   Steven, There is nothing more tell that I didn't put in the comment. —JasonMoore

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