About Me

In December 2006, I earned my Civil Engineering B.S. Ever driven down the freeway, and asked yourself, "Who was the idiot who designed this thing?" That's pretty close to what I do.

While taking classes, I lived in Dixon. As such, I did most of my studying at Java California. I've since moved up the hill; I live in Sparks. It's right next to Reno.

Likes messing with computers. I fancy myself as a Windows-proficient, Mac-comfortable, Linux noob.

Things I Want To Do Before I Perish

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. (Done!)

  2. Get a job with a government transportation agency. (Does consulting count?)

  3. Get a job in construction management.

  4. Buy a tailored suit.

  5. Hold a yard sale. (Done! Want to do this again.)

  6. Take a motorcycle safety class.

  7. Have at least $1 million in my checking account.

  8. Buy a brand new car, with less than 10 miles on the odometer.

  9. Fly first class.

  10. Travel to another nation.

  11. See a Broadway show. On Broadway. In New York City. In one of the front five rows.

  12. Build a computer that “goes to eleven”.

  13. Run in a marathon.

  14. Ride the entire route of the Tour of California.

  15. Get a job in broadcasting.

  16. Hike or ride the length of the Pacific Crest Trail.

  17. Buy a house with Zodiaq kitchen countertops.

  18. Visit a nude beach.

  19. See my children graduate from a 4 year university, after having been in said university for 4 years.

  20. Be a seat filler at a televised awards show.

  21. Be romantically linked to a supermodel.

  22. Get ripped, so to speak.

  23. Bet at least $50,000 on a hand of blackjack.

  24. Meet Alton Brown.

  25. Buy a brand new BMW motorcycle.

  26. Travel the nation, visiting roller coaster-based theme parks.

  27. Read at least one Thomas Friedman book. (Done! The World Is Flat was a good read. I'm moving on to Mark Steyn.)

  28. Go paragliding.

  29. Attend a late-night talk show taping.

  30. Go on a vocation vacation.

  31. Be romantically linked to a member of a collegiate athletic team.

  32. To borrow a line from Warren Buffet, have enough money so that I can do whatever I want, but not so much that I’m compelled to do nothing.

  33. See a live Joe Satriani performance.

Joke O' Th' Week

"Britney (Spears) was criticized for being overweight, out of shape, and giving a half-hearted performance, which explains why she was signed by the New York Jets." —Conan O'Brien

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