Jeff graduated from UC Davis in June 2005 with a BS in Computer Science & Engineering. He received his Masters from UC Berkeley's [WWW]School of Information in May 2007. Jeff is now living in the Silicon Valley.

Jeff can be reached at jmkalvass @ that free Google email .com

Want to follow in Jeff's footsteps? He took 56 Courses at UC Davis:

20 Engineering Computer Science (ECS) Courses:

8 Physical Education (PHE) Courses:

7 Mathematics (MAT) Courses:

4 Physics (PHY) Courses:

3 Electrical and Computer Engineering (EEC) Courses:

3 Communication (CMN) Courses:

2 Economics (ECN) Courses:

1 Chemistry (CHE) Course:

1 Drama (DRA) Course:

1 Education (EDU) Course:

1 Engineering (ENG) Course:

1 English (ENL) Course:

1 Humanities (HUM) Course:

1 Philosophy (PHI) Course:

1 Political Science (POL) Course:

1 Statistics (STA) Course:

There was much more than just classwork, though...

PartyEricBrandon.jpg Aspen Village, Davis, fall 2003.

Other random information:

Jeff lived in Emerson Hall in his freshmen year, Triebhaus Apartments his sophomore and junior years, and Aspen Village his senior year. He volunteered at Mondavi Center and Holmes Junior High School. He played Inner Tube Water Polo and Dodge ball. His favorite Davis restaurants are/were Sophia's Thai Kitchen, Taqueria Guadalajara, Tapioca Express, Dos Coyotes, and Hunan. Jeff returns to Davis for UC Davis Football, the Whole Earth Festival, and Picnic Day.

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