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I graduated from Davis and no longer live nearby to try out all the restaurants. Everything below is from my time in Davis, Sept 2003 - August 2007. Appreciate the DavisWiki; I wish more cities would have their own with an active community.

I love to promote diversity and native languages so please feel free to change the names of the restaurants here on my page!

Restaurants I have eaten at... (My rating out of 5)

Outside of Davis


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We both feel very strongly on this issue. My edits to your page were over the top, intended to make a point, but they went way too far after the point was made. My sincere apologies.JabberWokky

I like how you have some of the restaurant names listed in their native characters on this page along with the English words. The restaurants page should be donethis way as well. Unfortunately, I tried to use Chinese characters (中文), but the wiki headline macro won't display them correctly; it just shows the escape sequences (& #20013; & #25991;).CM this should work now.

I like the native language efforts, too. We're too isolated in the U.S.GrahamFreeman

Too bad no local restaurants serve Roman food... oh well, scratch another thing off the list of Things Latin Speakers Can't Translate.CindySperry

According to their website, Jamba Juice's name derives from the "African word 'jama,' meaning to celebrate." That's nice of them to be multi-cultural and stuff, but last time I checked "African" wasn't a language. I did a bit of digging and they say elsewhere it's swahili. Jama typed into a [WWW]swahili dictionary translates to "family or companions," so I can't corroborate their story. Interestingly, "Jamba" translates to "fart." I'm certain it's syntacticly wrong, but above I've haphazardly (mis)translated Jamba Juice to "muta fart mnywo", where Jamba is fart, and juice is muta mnywo (sweet drink). CraigBrozinsky

2006-05-17 01:04:15   Hi JoAnna, I love this page! I have eaten at every restaurant in Davis, but never really had the energy to build a page about it. —ChrisLambertus

2006-07-01 18:42:21   They didn't have root beer or they were out of it? BJ's brew their own root beer - it's delicious. Maybe they were just out of the batch? And I know it's also on the desert menu as a float. —ES

2006-08-29 00:57:13   what about Village Bakery? i recommend asking for pesto + tomato sauce :) —Frenchie

2006-09-17 16:09:01   I'm glad to see so many Horchata recommendations. My plan for the next few years: find the best horchata in Davis. —MoTorres

2006-10-07 10:22:59   The problem is that he was messing around with his bio page, which isn't his. His personal page is his baby. His bio page (as a public figure) belongs to the community. —WilliamLewis

2007-01-26 13:25:23   I love this page =) Oh and if you go the other way (opposite Vacaville) you get to Folsom, which also has a BJ's —TusharRawat

2007-01-29 02:23:49   you need to eat at the educated eatery once —StevenDaubert

2007-02-22 10:42:03   i love this page. It inspired me to create my own a while back. I wish everyone would do something similar. Its fun to see how people rank different restaurants. I especially litke the native characters —MattHh

2007-03-02 00:03:16   Hey Joanna come and visit my restaurant in Woodland. We serve Japanese and Hawaiian Food. Our address is 10 N East St. Email me at and I will send you a menu. —RobertTaura

2007-03-02 09:44:04   Hey, JoAnna, you're very good at being sensitive to pigeonholing by race. I'm trying to avoid that in Ethnic and Cultural Organizations. Do you have any thoughts on how not to lay it out so divisively but at the same time indexed for people looking for a particular group? —JabberWokky

2007-03-02 10:08:29   JoAnna — see Ethnic and Cultural Organizations. There's a centralization going on, not deletion. Your content was also moved to Demographics as well. —JabberWokky

2007-03-02 11:35:26   Thanks for the comment JoAnna. Certainly if a page exists, it shouldn't be deleted without some sort of discussion about its importance, as long as it is not blatant spam of course. I was mainy trying to curb the continuous deleting and reviving of some pages that was going on. Most of those thoughts could have been hashed out in a talk page before action was taken. My comments weren't directed at you specifically, just the situation in general. Thanks. —DavidGrundler

2007-03-02 12:06:31   I am going to be away for the weekend so I don't have much time to do edits, but if possible can u find some ASA and NAS people intersted in the wiki to add to the South Asian and Native American pages? —EricWu

2007-03-02 12:33:24   I feel almost like the edit confirmation: Thank you for your attention to detail:) —EricWu

2007-03-02 12:46:44   JoAnna, you don't need to be so paranoid about people deleting the Mixed Race entry. It's okay, we're all in this together. It actually hurts me that you'd think *anyone* would be "against" you in this. We're all working together to try and add more information. Content was moved around, but nothing you ever wrote was ever deleted. It's put me in an odd mood that you'd think I (or anyone here on the wiki) would even consider silencing your voice. This morning was about balancing and figuring out where to locate types of information, not silencing people or groups. Fantastic entry, by the way. You might want to even split out Mixed Race Issues at UC Davis in terms of scholorships and demographics... that's why I moved some of your earlier content to the Demographics entry, because it illustrates how poorly they cover some people. I'd still like your feedback on how best to organize Ethnic and Cultural Organizations so they don't exclude or minimize multicultural groups and organizations while still having a structure allowing people to look up various groups. —JabberWokky

2007-03-02 14:47:51   You're right... I started jumping around and moving stuff around without explaining first and giving you a chance to agree or disagree with the edits. Please give Ethnic and Cultural Organizations/Talk a read to see what I was trying to do. —JabberWokky

2007-04-20 09:22:12   the pilipino/filipino debate is opening up again on the restaurants page. do you remember where the original discussion of the issue came up, so we can link there and avoid future revert wars? —CraigBrozinsky

2007-05-08 18:29:41   2007-05-08 11:28:39   Just ask them at la crepe to cook it on the third griddle or second griddle a bit longer and they will for sure. —StevenDaubert P.S. have you been by Icekrimski cafe ? Try the gelato and tell me how it stacks up to cold stone!

2007-05-24 18:57:23   Awesome catch on Aggie Barbershop! It is not like it is in an obscure corner of town, either. —JabberWokky

2007-05-24 23:13:18   aggie barber shop alreayd exists, pretty sure —StevenDaubert

2007-05-25 02:00:00   The aggie barber shop ? —StevenDaubert PS The aggie barbershop == aggie barbershop <-- there is the difference, I don't go around deleting pages without a reason, perhaps you should look closer at recent changes edit comments, and your question would have answered itself =D ... P.P.S you still need to go to the educated eatery

2007-07-04 13:26:34   I've seen a few changes you made, like in fluffy donuts. It seems that you rephrased things that were very well written but could possibly be misconstrued by sensitive people that are offended by raindrops and replaced it with colorless descriptive narration. I think their is a vast canyon of difference between stylistic differences and the factually erroneous - with only one needing modification. And please don't pass wikipedia guidelines as some sort of rebuke - because they are to writing as the DMV is to driving. —ChristopherMckenzie

2008-10-19 09:00:07   you should give the putah creek cafe a shot next time your headed outside of Davis Westbound... —StevenDaubert

2008-10-26 22:14:41   It probably would have been impossible to try every restaurant anyway, since the latest ones have seemed to to appeared and disappeared within a matter of months. —ElleWeber

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