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Name: Joy

Office: I finally got sucked into the UCD vortex.

Here's my story Been living car-free in Davis since moving here in 2000. Frequently seen at the Co-op, catching up with friends at the Saturday Davis Farmers Market, and cursing newbie bikers who haven't gotten around to reading the Bicycling Tips page.

Evangelism: Given any chance at all, I will eagerly evangelize about:
allergy shots
the Co-op
pee wee avocados
japanese shiki futons (or sleeping on the floor in general)
swilling very hot water to combat intolerable spiciness
the Great Lakes
linguistic evidentiality

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2007-08-08 11:07:58   Howdy, Jo. Yes, I have been collecting links and books on the subject. I'm going to be adding them to the [gnome]Gnome Wiki over the next few weeks. —JabberWokky

2007-08-18 19:29:26   Thanks for making some of those farms pages — they're great! —PhilipNeustrom

2007-10-04 15:18:16   As another car-free person, how do you suggest we get out to Ho's Down? Is Hwy 16 bikable? Is there a bike pool? Car pool? —SteveDavison

2007-12-05 18:21:38   Sadly, (I guess it's not that sad considering...) I no longer work for the university. I'm still living car free, however! —ArlenAbraham

2008-02-05 20:03:45   my dad has been riding his bike thru Davis for about 25 years now, and he doesn't own a car...

I will pester my co worker who drives... —StevenDaubert

2008-04-05 15:11:15   Re: Next Featured Page... Go for it — the Next Featured Page is changed so seldom because people are hesitant. —JabberWokky

2008-04-06 14:59:22   Thanks for switching up the featured page! —PhilipNeustrom

2008-04-06 15:53:31   Awesome picture. I met Terry Moore this February at [sf]WonderCon and had a comic signed, it was neat. I was a fan of his in junior high and high school. —NickSchmalenberger

2011-03-28 21:07:33   hi there Jo, was wondering if you can edit the Pow Wow announcement on the Events Page. I'd like to write more info about it and add a picture. I am a member of the Native American Student Union and help put on the Pow Wow. Thanks for much for posting it! The time is 10am. Pow Wow is from 10am-10pm. So maybe can edit the time and add the photo from the ccc website thats been uploaded. —alcatraz

2011-03-29 16:45:29   thanks for doin that, for sure want people to know its gunna be all day long. :) here is a link for the powwow flyer: you can edit that one in. Other than that simplicity is good for the announcement. Not too sure the specifics for the DQU Gathering, but its been traditional to have the UCD Powwow and the DQU Powwow following, happy its like that for this year. Peace —alcatraz

2011-03-29 16:46:25   woops, didnt mean to throw the pic in...guess it does that —alcatraz

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