About Joanne

My name is Joanne, but most people call me Jo.
I am a grad student finishing my Master's degree in Textiles and Clothing
My Bachelor's degree is in International Agricultural Development.
I came as a freshman and never left.
I have worked at several places around town, many might recognize me from Nina's Studio or Cafe Bernardo or maybe you've heard my voice when you call village cab
I have helped teach several classes on campus including: TXC 6, TXC 174, and TXC 290.
To say the least, I am well experienced at "Life in Davis"

Some of my favorite Davis past-times:

Current Ventures

As most grad students will agree, my research consumes most of my life. I am currently working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project on Medical Textiles. It is a multi-disciplinary project that incorporates the chemical, economic, and social structures/relationships between reusable and disposable medical textiles. More specifically, my thesis looks at the diffusion of fabric technology through the medical supply system and potential barriers to adoption... just to summarize in three sentences ;)

I will be working around the Textiles and Clothing department for the rest of the school year, helping students, finishing up research and building new bridges. It's sad to think that the department might potentially be closing, but the textiles industry will thrive on. The TXC dept has so much to offer the School of Agriculture that it is unfortunate that the current budget crisis can drive institutions to make such harsh decisions. [WWW]

A group of Davis Alumni, including myself, have started a NPO called Project S.A.S.S. (Skiers and Snowboarders for Sustainability), We are launching this winter and are looking for people interested in getting involved or offering support. [WWW] More info to come!

Recently, I have been working off of referrals for Business Consulting. I have helped several local businesses build and develop their social media networks (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc) and help teach them how to represent themselves on the DavisWiki. If you might be interested in my help, please email me at


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2010-01-20 20:40:53   Welcome to the Wiki. I'm curious to know how you explain Davis Wiki to your clients. Do you use any of the information on Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner? How should that page be improved? What do you think of the recently developed For Profit Restrictions? What advice would you give to Bizarro given the recent [WWW]discussion? —JasonAller

2010-01-20 21:02:52   Just had to say hello to a fellow Chicoan living in Davis. I can totally relate to your comment about missing Bidwell Park (the arboretum is a decent substitute when I need a fix), and it got me thinking. If you're ever waxing nostalgic for home, Check out Davis Wiki's sister site [chico]Chico Wiki. I've been quite involved in trying to get it going, but we've been slower to get the community built and need all the input we can get. We'd love the help from a local if you have anything to share. At the very least I'd recommend checking it out for the nostalgia factor alone. That's what got me sucked in a couple of years ago. —StaceyEllis

2010-02-23 15:03:04   Same message I left you on Azure D's/Talk: Hey, I edited on the best knowledge I had, but it certainly seems you know more about it than I. :) I think I have the general outline of what occurred, but I'm not positive if she was using the name before she opened the spa in the Anderson Bank building and if she still uses it now (or if she goes more by her own name). There's no question that Azure D's should point to her, as the wiki tries to document history and where people go from and to in town (hey, it's a small town, and you often want to find that person you really liked wound up!). Read through the changes I made, feel free to fix anything I got wrong, and if you need any big structural changes moving things around, I'd be happy to help. Just let me know what's correct, and I'll zip through and fix it up. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

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