Are there any members who can give me free advice on why my Nikon N2000 shutter stopped working? It could be something simple and I feel a bit foolish but its better to ask then to stay ignorant. Thanks Joe Cattarin


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Joe, if you're interested in Photography, you should check out the Photography Club meeting on Wednesday. Welcome to the Wiki!—CraigBrozinsky

2005-11-07 11:59:51   Stop by the photo club tomorrow (5pm or so at Cafe Roma by campus) and we can take a guess.. Looking at the camera's specifications, I am guessing that it is the camera's internal battery. The shutter is electronic on your camera, despite the fact it may seem very non-electronic! Does the light meter work? Stop by Ritz Camera and ask them for a new battery and see if it helps. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-08-15 22:56:12   Dude, why no picture? I don't have Creative Commons clearance to use one of the ones taken for/at the Co-op, or I'd put something on here myself. But I know you have lots of nice family shots... :) —DougWalter

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