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John James Dudek grew up in Davis but has since departed.

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Hey John, welcome to the wookie!PhilipNeustrom

2006-02-20 21:29:06   when i was in hawaii, at the swap meet, there was a pog stand —MichelleAccurso

2006-03-07 22:28:51   hello my underage love. i was at the swap meet for like, 15 mins. and i didn't think about it. i miss you too!!!!! you kids need to learn to drive, and drive to the ville! —MichelleAccurso

2006-03-13 21:10:50   DAVIS WIKI IS THE DEVIL —JeromeJohnson

2006-04-03 22:43:45   *cough*daviswookiee sucks*cough* —JeromeJohnson

2006-05-28 21:38:22   i love and miss the dude-k —MichelleAccurso

2006-10-04 02:43:43   wooord kiddo, i'll be out of state next week, but the week after i'm free other than working at night. you have my number —MichelleAccurso

2006-12-22 09:54:18   The 'Nam page needs work. —JasonAller

2008-07-15 15:04:42   Hey Johney, i finally got around to properly editing my page. Have a look! —MasonMurray

2008-10-21 12:54:46   hey! —ChrisWaterstraat

2009-05-07 09:18:57   Johney, what the hell are you doing back in town? —MasonMurray

2009-05-07 11:40:49   Well we all know I've never been able to spell. I've been good. When I get my car outa the shop we should hang out some time, like go get a burrito or something. —MasonMurray

2009-05-07 11:55:21   I'm trying to get some pix of the damage up to put on my Face Book, but this is the kind of car [WWW]Volvo c70. And I got it for free! —MasonMurray

2009-05-08 11:26:58   Looks like I will have my vehicle back on Wed. Do you have plans? I can't be too sure, cuz it's been delayed a few times. —MasonMurray

2009-05-14 12:12:06   I may get my car back today. Plans for Monday? —MasonMurray

2009-05-19 16:31:47   lunch tomorrow? email me, see my page. —MasonMurray

2009-05-19 22:49:32   Hey, Long time no see... Try me in a couple weeks... —SteveDavison

2009-07-16 21:52:28   OK, try me now... :) —SteveDavison

2009-09-10 23:30:02   Or NOW... ;) —SteveDavison

2009-11-28 12:44:38   What's wrong with "purdy"? —WilliamLewis

2009-11-28 13:49:08   Isn't "purdy" just a folksy way of saying "pretty"? —CovertProfessor

2010-02-17 23:54:09   John's like one of the greatest people I've ever met. No joke. —JamesMcCardle

2010-12-02 22:27:58   Hey there - I'm making a book club in Davis and I saw you commented on the other book club's page asking if it was still around - would you be interested in joining mine if I got it up and running? I was thinking of having the first meeting in late February —BryannaMarielAndrews

2010-12-11 19:20:40   Bryanna! Yes, I would be interested, depending on the books of course! Let me know what needs to happen to get this running, I'd most likely be down. —JohnDudek

2011-01-20 08:32:56   Hello John!

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