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Karl's Unanswered Questions for Steve-O

(Note where Steve threatens blackmail against someone else in response to questioning him about blackmail.(BOLD))

2007-08-31 17:00:46   I've just really got to know, Steve, why do you deny things you've admitted to, and try to delete them? I mean I know you want your public wiki page reflect well on you, but isn't that lying? Don't you believe that is wrong? How do you reconcile your beliefs and your actions, is what really fascinates me. —KarlMogel

2007-09-01 16:39:49   What false information, Steve? You admitted to removing LEAD chalking, your own testimony did you in. Don't insult my and other people's intelligence, so I'll ask you again, why do you lie? Unless you can answer this question honestly, then you don't believe that lying is wrong, and you don't believe the beliefs that you would like to push on the student body with your 2-member slate. BTW - the world is not against you, so long as you don't set yourself against the world. —KarlMogel

2007-09-01 17:08:18   Keep it up on the public page and I will erase all LEAD messages in all classroms in my zeal to enforce university policy. Your short trigger-finger for blackmail is impressive. —KarlMogel

2007-09-01 19:02:26   Kinda ignored the direct question. So you lied because you don't consider it important? Oh I forgot, LEAD is the ultimate evil and all ends justify the means with you. —EdWins

2007-09-01 19:28:57   You didn't answer my question, Steve. Give it another go, you have plenty of time. I didn't ask just what you thought of lying (and blackmail, let's not forget), but how you reconcile your tendency to do so with the publicly-held beliefs of yours that they contradict - and contradicting them in the process of trying to push those beliefs on others through the political process, no less!

I might add that I have come across several people in my life whom I have had the misfortune to be on the other side of an issue with them, and at the same time, to have in my possession information about them that could ruin their reputation for good. But I have never thought once, to use that information for short-term political gain. Some day you have to realize that life is not a card game, and although the political goings and leavings of ASUCD matter little in the grand scheme of things, it shouldn't change the weight of your own principles in life. Moreover, the very fact that you're dealing with a "card game" as you put it should be all the more reason not to put a large personal stake on the table. When you're out of college, like high school drama, it will matter for nothing. Isn't there something greater in this world or the next than ASUCD? I still don't understand you. You're either a shrewd politico in fetal form who doesn't believe what he says so long as it will get him what he wants, or a self-parody, a hoax where not even yourself is in on the joke. —KarlMogel

2007-09-09 15:33:33   In response to this page, SteveOstrowski attempted to delete his statements as cataloged here. His statements were made publicly on the Davis Wiki, so he's waived all right to privacy. Steve was banned from the Davis Wiki on September 10, 2007, so his is unable to answer on the wiki. This page is being kept for historical purposes. Should Steve ever answer them (and make his answers known publicly to me), his answers will be quoted and linked to. —KarlMogel

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